Friday, July 22, 2005
Raise your glass to life and Shauna!
On Wednesday evening, I got home at 10.40 pm. I had been to the hospital to see Sofia after her surgery (which went great), to my brother in law's house to see how he was doing (fine), to the dressmaker, to have all my pants and skirts taken in a little, then to my therapy session, and then home.

The dressmaker was stunned because my clothes did not really need to get taken in. I mean they fitted comfortably, but there was no real need to do this now, it would make sense to do so after I lost a few more kilos, 3 to 5.

But I thought it was about time for a little trick. Because I am slagging in eating right and moving more. Comfortable in clothes for me some times translates into comfortably licking an icecream cone. Or comfortably sipping a second beer. But if the clothes are snug, there is really no room for beers and ice creams and second pitta breads, is there? So I sacrifised the money I had saved for some new "holiday" clothes, and got all my bottoms (do you say bottoms for pants and skirts in english like you say tops for blouses and shirts, or am I making yet another word up?) taken in. Yes, I really feel smart now ;)

Anyway, back to Wednesday. I had an intense therapy session, and when I went home, Angelos and our best man was there. We ate dinner, and we were chatting when I got some serious cramps. I thought it was really very weird, as my period was over just two days ago. I went to the bathroom and I saw I was bleeding big time. I panicked. I called my gyneo but he was nowhere to be found. Then yesterday morning, I was trying to find a gyneo to go to, since the bleeding continued, not as much, but enough to freak me out more.

Apparently nothing really serious happened. He said it was probably due to a cold, since everything looked perfect in the scan he did. I also did my annual pap exam and now I am a little anxious for the results.

I woke up this morning happy. Angelos said as we woke up that my face was bright. I felt bright inside. It takes just a little panic to realise that health is really and trully our only wealth. It takes just a little panic to realise that because we are lucky and still have our health while we still have our extra kilos, we should not push this luck further.

Life is one precious thing you know. And life exists because we have alive bodies. Because the blood runs through our veins. The very veins that exist below the skin we complain for. You know, the one I say that resembles the road map of Athens. Yep, it is the skin of my thighs and arms.

I am posting now because oxygen is being distributed to all my system because my lungs still function well.

I could go on for ever, and tell you what I do because of my body's ability to work well. And I will spare you this.

But I was reading Shauna's post a bit earlier and also the article about her. Have you read it? If not go now, stop reading this entry, really go NOW and read her post and congratulate a hero, a gorgeous hero, inside and out!!!!

In page three, shauna says these wise words:

Instead of seeing my body as useless and ugly, I felt pride in what it was now capable of.

This is it you know. This is all. And I am really, really, really pleading with you to:

Look at your arms - flabby or not - with love. These are the arms that hug your lover, your family, your children, your friends.

Thank your thighs - huge or slender - honestly. These are the thighs you sit on to rest ladies. You wouldn't want to miss them, would you?

Appreciate your calves, and legs and feet. They walk you everywhere you know, even if this is just the fridge for now!

Caress your breasts - saggy or perky - with love. Because not only they fill you with sensations, but they will nurture your children if they have not already!

Stay in awe in front of your bellies. Not only they protect your most vital organs, but they will protect and provide the first home to your babies!

And please, don't forget, that before the western world decided that skinny is beautiful, Renoir who is still considered one of the masters in painting, used this model to depict sensuality and beauty.

I am not saying not to lose the weight! But to lose it because we want healthier and stronger bodies. Not because we despise and detest the ones we have.

Now please, raise your glass to Life and Shauna. Because they are both beautiful and they both give us so much!!!

Posted by Argy at 1:19 pm
Blogger Catesa said...

*raises glass* well said Argy. hope the results of your test come out with positive news too. love that painting, LOVE! xoxox

3:58 pm

Blogger Balloon said...

Hello, lovely! Hope the result of the pap test is good. As for what you've written about today: wise words. Thank you for you kind encouragement, it means a lot. Here's to life and Shauna! x

12:35 am

Anonymous dietgirl said...

ooh hope the test goes okay argy, will be thinking of you!

and thanks for being so kind!

*drinks straight from bottle*

12:54 am

Blogger M said...

Hip Hip Hooray.

Here is to life as we know it, as we embrace it, as we improve it. So that we may be happier and pass that happiness onto our children, family and friends.

Here is to good health for everyone *raises glass*

1:38 am

Blogger Tracy said...

Me too *pop* *whee* :D
You are so right, Dear Argy. We should all celebrate our bodies and embrace all the unique features with love. Female body is a mystery - hope test results come out fine!

11:18 am


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