Monday, July 25, 2005
A loss of a not so nice kind
I need to whine a little. I know most of this need urges from a cumulative fatigue since fall actually, but I am really very tired of things just happening.

On Friday morning the folks from the phone company came to connect my phone. The electrician who did all the works in the building had not finalised the interan connection of the appartments, so although we all had lines, noone could use them!

My landlord told me that he spoke with the electrician, and arranged an appointment with him at 6 in the afternoon. But at 3 he called me really very upset to tell me that the electrician was already in our building, he had already finished the first two stories, and that unless we were both there in 30 minutes, he would go and would not be able to be back till August 10.

So I rushed home, carrying lots of stuff. I took a taxi. When I arrived home, I opened my wallet and saw I only had 3 one hundrent bills (money for our weekend away) and no change. So I looked at my bag and fished for some coins, paid the taxi driver, and went home. It took exactly 3 minutes for the electrician to finish off what he had left undone. So there I was, at home, with a phone line, a brand new gorgeous BBQ, relaxed after the doctor's visit, and eager to try both the phone and the bbq!

So I called Angelos, and asked him if he would like me to go buy some steaks and call his parents and his brother and invite them for the "inauguration" of the bbq. He was thrilled and so I called his parents, his brother, my mom, and our best man and then went to get money our of my wallet to go to the butcher's. It was then I realised I had lost my wallet.

Besides our weekend money, in that wallet I had:

Dinners card
Company's visa
Cash card
ID card
Driver's licence
Pictures of family
Silly notes from Angelos and friends
Paintings from my niece
1 authorisation for the bank on behalf of a client
Insurance card
And I still don't know what else.

I either dropped the wallet inside or outside the taxi right in front of my house!!!

My first reaction was all about the money really. We cannot afford to lose 300 euros. Plue they were the money for our weekly groceries and our little weekend getaway.

But then the real panic begun. Cancel all the credit and cash cards, freeze our savings acount since my id was stolen too, go to the police station and report the loss, call Angelos to find out he had used all the money he had paying a few bills earlier than usual, thus we had no cash at our hands, etc, etc, etc.

I managed to do all of the above, then called my mom and asked her to loan me a bit of money till Monday, and decided to stop feeling miserable and utterly stupid for the way I lost my wallet, and concentrate on finding the best meat for the bbq!

Friday night went great. The bbq grills magnificently, everyone enjoyed their meal, and we went spent to bed at 2 am, excited to wake up the next day and get on a ship to go away for the weekend to a small island near by.

The weekend went great, I came back a little tired but energised and relaxed, and the guy from the curtains' shop arrived this morning with my curtains made in a different design than I had asked for.

So really, I just want to scream. I am really very tired from all the silliness lately. Instead, I decided to whine a little here, and to write down again that these things are really small compared to the big and real problems life decides to throw at us at times.

But small or big, can you please make this series stop NOW?!

Posted by Argy at 1:31 pm
Anonymous Alice said...

I don't think anyone answered your question in the entry before - in English, its not usual to say 'bottoms' for clothing worn on the lower half (pants are pants, skirts are skirts). You know that 'bottom' is also English for a bum also? (Greek for 'pisinos' I think) Made me chuckle though as it's a great word that you made up! You still use English superbly (certainly better than my Greek!).

5:10 pm

Blogger Balloon said...

Oh bummer! Sorry about all the silly things that happened to you, I know how they can totally disorientate you! Glad you had a good weekend though :) Good luck with getting all the cards, ID etc. reissued though.

8:04 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

Oh sweetheart I know how you feel. I lost my wallet once when it had money that mr. ralph had sent me all the way from Australia (when I was in the US) in it. It made me feel so bad, and I had left mine on the roof of my car! I hope the string of bad luck stops for you, and thanks so much for your comment in flickr! *blush*

11:14 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

I can't belive you lost your wallet! I'm so sorry! We must be under the same spell, sad things happening in a string...You have such a great attitude for life though, it's amazing that you were able to fully enjoy the perfect night with friends, no matter what. You are my hero Argy :)

7:58 am

Anonymous dietgirl said...

oh dear! bad luck with the wallet argy babe! why do all these things happen at once?!

but glad you ended up using that BBQ! yum :)

1:50 pm


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