Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Every time I get fed up with being a woman, I try to remind myself that I am indeed blessed with the mysteries of womanhood and thus feel the joy instead of murmuring about it.
Usually I am fed up when I get my period. It starts with my transformation from a nice and sweet person (now! why are you laughing?! I can be nice and sweet, I can! ;o) to a tensed and caviling one. First come the nerves. Then comes the fluid retention. Then come the craves. Craves for sweet, savoury, foods I don't normaly eat. And it gets worse. Because then come the cramps. The mood swings. The tireness. The strange body. The swallen belly. The rings don't fit my fingers. The shoes make my feet squeeze. The trousers that were roomy leave red marks in my waist. I become Ms Pacman and want to eat eat eat. Because turning to a Ms Pacman will make me feel disgusted with myself, which will bring on more mood swings and horrible feelings of failure, so I use all my strength to restrain, and this results in more tension and my poor husband secretely searching the yellow pages for a lawyer! And believe me, it gets worse!
Because no matter how many times I promise myself to not weigh in this particular week I am in what at the time I consider as being hell, I get on the scales. And see a minimum of 2 kilos more than the previous day. And no matter how hard I try to remind myself that this happens every single time I have my period, no matter how hard I try to remind myself that at the end of this week I will get all happy when I will see these 2 kilos plus some more gone, guess what I do. I get on the scales!
Like I did today, to see a whooping 1.9 kg more than my gorgeous 88.3. And I asked myself. Have I done anything to deserve this? And myself told me no. Well, she said, you had perhaps a few dried figs too many on Sunday night, but hell!, you said no to vodka and caviar, you did not eat the birthday cake, you refused to even try your mom's new potato 'n feta pie, so no sugar, you did not do anything to deserve this!
And then myself smiled to me. And I knew why.
Having my period is the greatest gift I have been given for being born a woman. It means I have eggs ladies and gentlemen! It means that I can have children! It means that I can reproduce life! It means that I am the same kind of person that inspired people to curve statues of godesses of fertility, I am the same kind of person that you see in paintings nurturing a child, it means that I really am a woman!
Celebrate your womanhood ladies! Celebrate your bodies! Next time you get all grumpy during your period, like I do, stop for a little second and look at your children, or think of the child you want to have, and know that all this happens because of these few dreadful days each month! Next time you feel discouraged by the shape of your bellies, think of them as the first home of your babies. Next time you swear in the dressing room of the lingerie shop because no bra seems to show your boobs perfect, stop for a second and speak nicely to those boobs. Because, you know, they are all the boobs you have, and you cannot do without them!
The female body is a miracle. Tall or short, small or big, it is a temple. And we are the high priestesses. Never forget this!
Oh I am just so full on on being a woman today!!!! And I can go on now murmuring about my swollen belly. But with a big smile on my lips!

Posted by Argy at 12:45 pm
Blogger LibrarianOnTheLoose said...

Good post, Argy! I am switching birth control and will start having a period again and was dreading it. Thanks for the reminder. Also, when I go to your flickr it says there are no pics under your account? I am so confused...

4:34 pm

Blogger A said...

Being a girl is hard, yes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thanks for the uplifting post!

5:04 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

How weird is it that I started my period this morning and got on the scale too. But for some strange reason it didn't bother me because I am hoping that since today is only Wed. I have enough time to get rid of the bloat. And you are right, there are so many things that suck about being a woman, but I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

12:27 am

Blogger Emma said...

Ah-hah. I would not like to be a boy. Well, sometimes I would. I think generally their lives are a lot simpler. But I still wouldn't like to be one.

12:07 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

mm yes, being a woman is wonderful isnt it... sometimes i wonder what its like to have a penis but overal like Emma id rather be a girl :)

3:05 pm


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