Monday, March 28, 2005
The weekend could have been great. But it wasn't. Not all of it at least.

We left happily on Friday, Angelos did an awesome job with packing my bag, besides one thing. I had to wear black bras with white He never thought that I'd need a lighter bra for the lighter shirts. But no extravagant clothes or undies. Very sensible, and a lot less clothes than I would have gotten myself.

But on Saturday afternoon we received a phonecall from his dad. His brother (Angelos' uncle) died, so we had to come back.

It's not long that I came to work, the funeral was this morning. He was in his middle 70's and died from the horrid desease. It was expected. But he had a good life, and he rested in peace.

I am in a frantic at work, and don't know when I will have the time for a proper post.

I just want to tell you that although all the time we were away I was brilliant with eating and I refused all local delicacies, I walked so much in the forest and in the beach, from the moment we went at his parents' house, all I was doing was eating and cooking and eating and cooking.

This morning I woke up an hour earlier just to "punish" myself and walk for an hour in the treadmill.

I dunno what happens sometimes, and I eat so mindlessly, it makes me feel I am possessed!!!

Take care all, I will try to post tomorrow morning.

Posted by Argy at 2:59 pm
Blogger Emma said...

Aww, sorry about the uncle.
Even if it's expected, it's still sad. In the spirit of my post today I'm trying to think of a appropriate cliche... I can't. I'm all cliched out.

Well done on the restraint around the local delicacies... that's no small thing.

Looking forward to a monster post tomorrow!

5:03 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

also sorry to hear about the uncle, condolences Argy (to Angelos too)
sounds like the weekend was alright though, im also looking forward to reading more :)
big hugs to you too, thanks for your lovely comment today! im dangerous around dried fruit, especially bananachips, they are to me like some people are with pringles.. once you pop you cant stop :)

5:15 pm


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