Thursday, March 24, 2005
Goooood Morning :)

I added you as friends, so now go see beautiful Amsterdam. The first two pics, by the way, are from last year's trip, and there is a bit of a comparison to make.

I have more for you, but I must now find another quiet hour at work to scan them. God knows

I still have to take pics of the boots, and I figured that since we are going away tomorrow for the long weekend, I will take more pics and finsih the film with the boots, so I guess soon more photos will be added in the account. I will also try to see how to link them in here, some of them at least. It is so frustrating to not know how to make this blog to look like me. Well, not with long hair and that, you know what I mean. To have the colours I like, to have cute links with your blogs, all the cool stuff the cool kids do.

But my english fail me in htlm tutorial pages. I am the kind who needs to have such stuff explained first, then try and find my way around. Oh well...

I have been feeling slimmer lately. Angelos keeps on telling me I feel smaller in his arms. But the scales today are up a whole whooping 700 gr. Its the 20th day of my cycle, and its usually when fluid retention starts.

So I got the measuring tape just 10 minutes ago, and I have lost a tinsy few cm's.

Here are Feb 22 measurements and March 24 ones. Not too much of a difference I reckon, but a difference anyway :) The increase in my abdomen most probably shows the fluid retention.


Chest: 106
Waist: 90
Abdomen: 103
Hips: 115
Thigh: 69.5
Calf: 45
Arm: 39


Chest: 105
Waist: 89
Abdmen: 104
Hips: 114
Thigh: 68.5
Calf: 44.5
Arm: 38

I'll do measurements again on April 24.

Now I got to go shower and hit the pavement for my walk to work :)

Posted by Argy at 9:21 am
Blogger Catesa said...

its the incredible shrinking woman! loved the photos, cant wait to see more :) have a nice day at work!

1:24 pm

Blogger Emma said...

I'm so nosy, I'm going to have to bob over to flickr and see what the fuss is about soon!

Oh and your English might fail you in html but your English writing(and Tracy's) is great. I actually cried at one of your posts the other day. OK, so I'm a bit crazy, but you do have a way of expressing emotion... Especially impressive when it's not in your first language.

2:00 pm

Blogger kimba said...

Forget beautiful Amsterdam, how about beautiful YOU! You look amazing in those photos. Thanks for sharing. And well done on the shrinkage :)

7:10 am


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