Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Silly mood rising from excess workload
So I have been making plans and reassesing goals and developing strategies. In my head. And in my notebook too. I am indeed in better spirits, and am still working on the best approach and on the short term goals, since the long term ones are pretty obvious. Look hot and sexy is all!

But work has been insane! The big arse festival we're working for starts April 1st. And the press conference is on March 30. And we are going away for the long weekend, while the rest of the people here at work are staying to work on Friday, so I have to do my share before leaving in order to be fair and able to leave with no guilt for leaving them back working.

But I am not in a mood to really write a serious post with all my thoughts and course of action to be followed.

Instead, while I am calling my beloved journalists not, to make sure they have gotten the invitation for the press conference, I am also going to do this fun thing I stole shamelessly from cat who stole it from emma who stole it from who knows who.

Here it is :)
Accent – Greek when I speak english. Greeks say I sound like a foreigner when I speak Greek. Go figure...

Bra size – 36 C

Chore I hate – I have a cleaning lady. But I really hate ironing

Dad's name – Mihalis (tis greek for Michael)

Essential make-up – Mascara, MAC clear lipglass

Favorite perfume – Sandalwood/pepper/cinammon/ginger/orange oils. Anything woody or spicey. I usually get essential oils from organic shops and make my own mixtures

Gold or Silver - I'm not really into "precious" metals. My wedding band is gold though

Hometown – Athens

Interesting fact - I am a born green finger. Gimme any dead plant I will make it blossom again

Job title – Public Relations Consultant.

Kids - Bring them on!!!!!

Living arrangements – we owe a small apartment. Really small studio actually. It was given to me as a present from my parents when I got married (parents in greece do this) But we rent it to a young girl and we rent a bigger one. We = me and my husband

Mom's Birthplace – Athens

Number of apples eaten in last week – probably 30. Tis all I eat for breakfast and lunch

Overnight hospital stays – 3 I think. 4 if you count my first night in this world. One when I had my appentix removed, 2 between the age of 18 to 19.

Phobia – Used to have fear of hights and acrophobia. But I am cured babe :) I even checked by going to the Mega Drop (50 m high...wooohooo!!!) Now all I am afraid of is death of the ones I love.

Question you ask yourself a lot - should i go back to WW?

Religious affiliation – Christian Orthodox

Siblings – a younger brother, 1.5 years younger actually

Time I wake up – 7:30 - 8.00

Unnatural hair color – Blonde, 2 years ago

Vegetable I refuse to eat – I love them all. Steamed spinach must have seasonings though, or it tastes like mud to me

Worst habit – smoking

X-rays – had some in my arm, when I broke it, in my right leg, when I broke it, in my teeth, not when I broke them

Yummy food I make – umm...I had second thoughts, but I will blow my own horn. I am such a great cook...hehe

Zodiac sign – Aquarius...rising sign is Gemini. Air in Air. My excuse for everything!


I had fun doing this. Though the journos kept mentioning the noise from my keyboard...hehehe

Posted by Argy at 6:41 pm
Blogger Catesa said...

fun fun! i love it :D and would looove for you to show me to make a greenhouse someday, full of delicious vveggies & berries!
its nice to read these things and get to know you better *hugs*

7:31 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

Wow Blogger is letting me comment. It has been so tempermental. I love you, and it sounds like you are feeling on the up and up again. That is good to hear. And as you go into spring, I go into winter! Please enjoy it for me.

10:17 pm


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