Thursday, March 31, 2005
Last night I ate chicken
And this morning I caught myself talking to the scales! Seriously, I realised it after I had finished my third sentense!

On Tuesday, I ate an apple for breakfast, a green salad with 4 Tsp of azuki beans for lunch, and no dinner. We had an actors' night in one of the theatres we work for. Actors' nights is when the theatre operates on a day off (Mondays and Tuesdays are off days for theatres in greece) so that other actors who also work have a chance to see the play. These nights are more fuss than the premieres, there are so many "stars" gathered together, that we have lots of cameras and photographers and glossy faces and a party afterwards. So I was in the theatre at 7.30, to organise the seating, and I left at 12.30, after I was sure that every one was in the party happy, that all the "right" photos have been taken, etc. So I was home at 1am and went straight to bed. Because to be honest, I was so ravenous that if I had one bite of anything, I would have eaten the whole house!!!

Then yesterday I woke up, very early unfortunately, had my apple, my coffee, read the blogs, and then I had mega beautification to take care off. See, yesterday it was the big press conferrence for our big festival that starts (oh shit!!!) tomorrow. I had to look super good! When I have such events that are so stressy, I always need to feel I look my best, because that makes me feel more confident. And when I feel confident like this, I can handle crisis with the journalists so much better. Because they always have something to complain for, especially about interviews when they realise that they didnt have the exclusivity. And I mainly deal with such crisis by being sweet and flirting a bit with them. Yeah...P.R. prostitution is how my partner and I call this...hehehe

My stomach was tight like a knot, so besides my morning apple, all I ate was another apple at 4 in teh afternoon when we got back to the office (after a HUGE success in the press conference thankyouverymuch).

I gathered many compliments there too. The killer one was from a journalist with whom we have been friends for as long as I am in this business. Newbies solidarity, as we started working at the very same month! He told me I am getting dangerously gorgeous! How priceless is this! hehehe

I worked for a couple of hours more, left at 6, met a girlfriend for a coffee, then had my therapy session at 8. Angelos picked me up at 9.10, and all the conversation in the car was going like this:

An: Oh god I am ravenous!
Ar: Oh you cannot possibly be more ravenous than I am!!!
An: Oh I can!
Ar: Oh no you cannnot!!!
An: What should we eat?
Ar: I dunno, I should eat my salad really
An: Oh come on, lets eat something together, its footy night together, we should get a pizza!
Ar: I don't want pizza! Go ahead, order a pizza for you, I will have my salad!
An: Ah eating pizza alone on a footy night is no fun!
Ar: I was told I am getting dangerously gorgeous today. I dont want pizza, I want to BE dangerously gorgeous!
An: were told that huh? By who?
Ar: A journo
An: Ah it doesn't count ... journos want to have exclusivities....and you ARE dangerously gorgeous to me!
Ar: doesn't count...hubbies want to have warm dinners and clean undies
An: Touche
Ar: Always
An: So no pizza huh?
Ar: No pizza
An: Can I suggest a compromise?
Ar: Let's hear it
An: Roasted chicken breast from Denny's for you and roasted chicken with pittas and fries and barbeque sauce for me. And I will eat all the skin before you get tempted.
Ar: Ummm....
An: wrong! You should mmmmm......
Ar: Mmmmmm.....
An: Is this a yes?
Ar: No...its a

So we ordered the chicken, took our lucky seats, and got ready to watch the game. Greece was playing Albania for the preliminary game sfor the World Cup...oh I love Mundial!!!! And we kicked their butts too...hehehe

I ate the chicken breasts with cuccumbers, no olive oil on them.

So this morning, when I was getting my pj's off to get on the scales, I caught myself saying to her:

"Oh come on now, don't show a gain, all I ate was some chicken breast, pure clean protein, that was not bad food"

Then I realised what I was doing. Then I felt stupid. Then I got on the scales. Then I saw 88.3. Then I realised that this is the lowest I have seen in 3 and a half years. Then I got on my knees and kissed the scales.

Now tell me. Should I switch from the therapist to a psychiatrist? Am I really mad?

Posted by Argy at 8:39 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heck no... are you mad? no, I talk to things all the time! or does that make me mad. lol Hey great news with your weight and I bet your are looking dangerously gorgeous!


9:30 am

Anonymous mimi said...

you are so funny!! thankyou for being so open and honest in your blog, i have been reading your blog for awhile now and you always manage to make me smile. it's funny how we allow the scales to dictate our moods for the day but i've never kissed mine yet lol....oh before i forget i still can't view your photos in flickr...tells me you haven't uploaded photos as yet....

thx Mimi

10:32 am

Blogger Emma said...

:D YEAH! Go Argy!

Your job sounds really cool - yet I imagine in reality it's quite stressful and hectic.

I'm also impressed at how you didn't cave at the request for pizza!

11:07 am

Anonymous dietgirl said...

wow! what a day! you were magnificent :) and well done with the scale.

12:02 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

very entertaining post :D and no you arent mad, seeing your lowest weight in 3.5yrs the scale deserves a little kiss ;) well done, you're dangerously gorgeous!!

1:56 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Yay for the lowest weight! I'm certain you look fabulous!!

3:59 pm

Anonymous marta said...

Too funny! I talk to my scale all the time, but it's usually not very nice things! 88.3 is fabulous! I would have kissed my scale too!

5:04 pm

Blogger metamorpheus said...

Bravo!! Great job on the loss.

"Dangerously gorgeous" what a great compliment! Here's to living dangerously!

5:08 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

Wow. I'd love to get a compliment like that. And kissing the scales? I'd say you should have kissed yourself. You've done all the hard work. And way to go on not having the pizza.

12:08 am

Anonymous brenna said...

you are beautiful and gorgeous and open and honest and no where NEAR mad.


1:34 am

Blogger Denise said...

I say you ought to embrace the madness! :-) Congrats on the achievement and thanks for sharing it with us.

5:43 pm

Anonymous lee said...

Argy, I simply love you. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day.


4:30 am

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