Thursday, April 07, 2005
Weigh in day
I should have weighed in yesterday really, as my official day is Wednesday. But after seeing the 1.9 kilo gain the other day due to having my period, I thought I should keep away from the scales till I'm almost done.

My husband often says that he will install a cam corder at every room of the house one day. To record my morning routine and cooking, so that he will have something to watch when he is down to ammuse himself and make him laugh. He says I'm funny like this. And I think he means thismainly cos I talk to things. When I am cooking for instance, I gather my incredients all together, and give a lecture to them. Usually it goes like this:

"Now listen peperoncini , you wonderful italian chilli pepper. Zuccinis and eggplants are your freinds. They are your allies. The three of you along with the onions and the garlic - shush garlic, I will come to you soon - have to be nice to each other and to the boss. Yes, today the chicken is the boss. Don't argue with me now, or I will return you back to the fridge and you will feel isolated! So your job is to play nicely with the rest of your team and NOT try to conquer them. You are the taste enhancer here and you must be subtle, yet make your hot point. But you aint allowed to cover all the other flavours up with your strength, ya hear me???"


"Ah its so cold this morning, how am I going to part from you my warm and gorgeous pjs? But I got to weigh in, can you please tell me how much each of you weighs so that I can deduct it at the end? Yes you too slippers and socks and robe, I am so cold, gwan, tell me your weight, I need to know NOW!!!"

I usually amuse myself like this when I am alone. But some times, Angelos will sneak in the house quietly when I am cooking, and he will stay near the kitchen door and listen to my rammblings, or return home in the morning cos he has forgotten something, and will come near th ebath tiptoeing and hear me talk to the pjs and the scales and I will understand he is here by the sound he makes when he is trying to laugh without sound, a sond pretty much like he's choking.

Which was the case about half an hour ago, when I was trying to take my clothes off to weigh in. And was too cold to do so. And I was thinking that I could do it later cos Id had to get off my clothes for the shower. But because I am a tad hysterical, I did not want to weigh in after breakfast, so I had to strip then and get on the scales!

Are you ready for the result?

87.5 kilos. 87.500 grammars. 192,5 lbs!!!

Do you know what that means? Noooo. It doesn't just mean that I lost 800 gr this week. It means that I am just 3 kilos away from a BMI of 29.9. I will no longer be obese in a few weeks!

It also means that I am only 2.5 kilos away from the 85 kilo mark. And you know what this will mean? That my loss will be a great round 45 kilos. I have a Thai girlfriend that is 35 years old, very pettite really at 1.55 m that weights 45 kilos. So this means I will have lost Pat!!!!

I am really excited! I feel I am really back at the lard busting business as dg calls it. Of course I am a little scared too. I never want to go back to the 90's. But it seems this has been what I have been doing llately. Get to 88, then get back to 90. Get to 89 then get back to 91. For months now I been loosing and gaining and loosing the same 2-3 kilos. But the last part of March and April has been good. I have faith that by June I will be in the 70's. Oh my god, I am shaking with excitement at the mere thought of this!!!!

Last summer, I bought 3 shirts that didn't fit in July. By the end of August, 2 of them were barely buttoning, and one, the favourite one actually, a red linen fitted shirt, was buttoning perfectly in the belly and stomach, but not on the boobs. Not because my boobs are big. But because the sleeves didn't fit on my big arms. So the armpits of the shirt (I know shirts don't have armpits really. But you know I mean the point where the sleeves get attached to the rest of the shirt. Now if you can correct my english here I will be indebted) did not actually reached my armpits, causing the problem in buttoning the shirt all the way up.

I am so anxious for warmer weather. Because I am so looking forward to get rid of my winter clothes and get out the summer ones. Just to try these shirts. Then, when it is finally warm and the summer clothes are out, and I get passed the excitement of the shirts fitting (please please please), I will forget all about how good that felt, and I will go on murmuring about being summer and me being fat enough for bathing suits still. But till then, please oh please, make the days warmer!!!!

Now I got to go get ready for work, and another 16 hr day *sigh*

But...I weigh 87.5 kilos, have I told you that?!

Posted by Argy at 9:15 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WAHOOOOOOO!!!!! Fantastic Argy!.. thanks for your kind words too. I have added you to the site.

10:08 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your loss Argy, you sound like you are on the go again. Just try to take care of your self during these busy times though.

I just finished rereading you entire archive (that makes the second time so far) because I think that you are such a good inspiration in so many ways. And it makes for a really good read to.

And a question to you others out there who had gotten an invitation to see Argys pictures but gets the message that she has not published any yet. Anyone who knows what to do?


11:45 am

Blogger Emma said...

I too would like the answer to that Cathy!

Argy! You rock! Great motivating, uplifting post :D

P.S. Tell Angelos if he manages to film you chattering to yourself to hook it up to the internet so we can all have a giggle :)

1:33 pm

Anonymous dietgirl said...

WELL DONE argy! you're in virgin territory now! say bye to the 90s forever :) you are so cute talking to your vegies!

i am so busy at work taht i have not blogged, so will do soon, to answer your comment! but still left time to read your blog ;)

2:06 pm

Blogger Cat said...

Argy that ROCKs! 87.5kg you must be over the moon and dont be scared it will come back, you kicked those kilos asses :D

5:18 pm

Anonymous marta said...

Oh, so exciting! I'm so thrilled for you...I feel like doing a cartwheel! Keep it up Argy, you Greek Godess, you!

9:19 pm

Blogger LisaB said...

Hello dear Argy,
I haven't been in to check on you much just lately, but it looks like you have been doing a great job!! Well done on your loss again, and in no time at all that BMI is goind to be below 30!!
Very proud of you :)

11:47 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

Thankfully looks like blogger is going to let me comment today. You're doing so fantastic! It shows in how happy you are too. It is getting cold here, but we haven't had super cold mornings yet. I tell you, I'm not looking forward to that.

12:16 am

Blogger Shannin said...

Go, Argy!! What a great thing to read after the few days I've had!

I talk to the dogs, and often sing to them. Haven't tried talking to the garlic -- I heard they don't listen very well... ;-)

1:40 am

Anonymous lee said...

Way to go, Argy! I know how happy this makes you, thus making me extremely happy for you. :)

How absolutely charming that you talk to things like that. I, personally, just talk to myself from time to time and pray noone is around to hear it. Because, YES, I tend to answer myself as well. I know. Scary, isn't it?

2:46 am


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