Friday, April 15, 2005
She is well :)
My mom has a few problems with her stomach and bowel but nothing too serious. She will most prolly stay the night, because she needs to take antibiotics for some inflamations she has, and they would rather give her the first dose by injection, to protect her stomach. I left her in the hospital, a bit tired, wanting a nap, and now I am back at work. I will go there again after I take care of the stuff at work. They took some samples for biopsies, but the doctor told me that he wants the biopsies to see the kind of inflamation she has. He told me that there is no possibility of anything really bad coming out.
I am relieved to the point of not wanting to do any work at all!!!! Instead, I want to go out and do fun stuff!!!
This was another wake up call for me really. I keep procrastinating about the pregnancy, I keep avoiding the tests I should go do in order to ease my mind. And when I first heard from my mom that she is going to the hospital again, I got panicked for so many reasons beside her well being. Her health of course was the MOST IMPORTANT thing, but there were a few things about myself that really added up to the panic.
You know, there is no reasoning in waiting . And there is no reasoning in procrastinating either. Because you never know when life will decide to throw her little surprise at your way. The only thing that comes out from doing this is the horrible "what if"
This is going to be a post all by itself, because since last Saturday, while I was pretending that everything was fine, all I had in my head were several "what if's".
And I want to tell you about them.
But for now, I want to thank you once more for your wonderful support in comments and emails. You are my lucky stars!

Posted by Argy at 4:15 pm
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that your mum is OK. Such things are so scary.

Now,celebrate and have fun and I hope that the birthday party will be just great now that you can relax and enjoy it together with your DH.


5:15 pm

Blogger Emma said...

Such good news that your mum is well(ish). You must be so relieved!

Yup, happy birthday to Angelos and hope you have a lovely celebration for him :)

5:41 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohhh its so good shes well Argy, take time off and go do something fun, you deserve it. frolick in the spring weather *hugs* i promise a short sweet post tomorrow too ;)

xox Cat

7:09 pm

Anonymous Lynda said...

So glad your Mum will be Ok!! And... get the tests, find out if you can get pregnant because you will be a wonderful mother! :)

2:45 am

Blogger kimba said...

Oh that's a relief! I'm so glad to hear it.

Now you can celebrate this weekend just like you were wishing - both for Angelos' birthday (wish him a happy one from me, even though he doesn't know who I am hahaha) and also for your mum being OK.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend doing fun things!

*kisses and hugs*
Kimba :)

12:13 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

What a relief, this was really good to hear.

1:46 pm

Blogger Shannin said...

Glad your mom will be OK. It's so scary to have a parent ill. I always shied away from the tests (I have tilted bits which would make it hard) and luckily found a man who didn't want children so there's no pressure. I would do it as soon as possible...

5:04 pm

Anonymous Trish said...

Argyro, very nice to hear your mom will be fine!

7:27 pm

Anonymous dietgirl said...

ooh that is good news indeedy, argy babe! i hope you have a great weekend, and wish that big hunk of husband of yours a very happy b'day! :-)

8:22 pm

Blogger airlie said...

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2:31 pm


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