Thursday, April 14, 2005
The reason
I have not been not posting to check my popularity. Nor have I not been posting because I am extremelly busy at work. Well, I have 14 hr long working days, sometimes longer than this. But even in these super busy days, I always find some time to post, because it always clears my head and relaxes me. Also the reason is not that I saw an enormous gain of 2.6 kg on Monday, just 4 days after my gorgeous 87.5.

I did not eat bad, I just drunk a couple of vodkas on Saturday night, and I had been constipated for 3 days too. Which is a traumatic experience for me, because I'm at least twice a day kinda gal. But I'm almost done with it now, I weighed at 87.8 this morning.

The reason I have been quiet is that my mom checked in the hospital this morning. She saw blood in her poo on Friday evening, and she's due for a colonoscopy tomorrow.

So I dealt all this week by hiding it in the back of my head. And the couple of vodkas too. I acted like nothing is wrong. I arranged to do the roots of my hair, got a manicure and pedicure, attended all events of the festival, invited friends to the events to act as if this were nights out and not work, you know...

But then yesterday came and "tomorrow" was to close to act as if I am not really petrified.

The doctor said it can be a number of simple really reasons for this, after all my mother's body has gone through a tremendous amount of stress, but I am really really scared.

I was planning a surprise party for Angelos last week. It's his birthday today, and I had given Sofia the keys to our house, since he'll come to pick me up from therapy tonight and I'd pretend to not feel very well, and asked him to go home for a quiet night, then we'd come home and everyone and the cake would be waiting for him. But it won't happen. I can't party really tonight.

The results of the colonoscopy come right away, unless the need for a biopsy comes. All I wish for is that I will be in the position for a big birthday party on Saturday night, for my love's birthday and for the relief that my mom is fine.

Posted by Argy at 10:52 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*hugs* and all my best wishes for you and your mum. I know how it feels. *more hugs*


11:51 am

Blogger Kate said...

Hope your mum is ok - sounds scary. Thinking of you.

12:36 pm

Blogger kimba said...

Oh I hope that everything checks out ok - my friend just had a similar thing, she had a colonoscopy yesterday and she's all clear, I hope it's the same for your mum. I know it's scary and you're anxious - am thinking of you and your mum and sending lots of love and light your way.

Fingers and toes crossed that the news will be good, and then you can enjoy Angelos' party on Saturday night, with relief.

*hugs and kisses*

2:17 pm

Blogger Emma said...

Aww, Argy I hope everything's ok.

3:56 pm

Blogger kimba said...

hello koritsimou, me again, just want to let you know I'm thinking of you and your mum today ...hope all goes well.


4:36 am

Blogger Tracy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that the burden and distress is back - sending strength and love to your way *hugs* Hang in there!

10:13 am

Blogger Silverella said...

Thank you all for your support! Kimba, "koritsi mou" made my day!!!

She'll have the colonoscopy at 2 pm, its 11.15 now, and I am at work, I'll leave for the hospital soon.

I feel positive, my stomach is not tied up in nots, that must be good huh?

I'll keep you updated as soon as I can!

11:17 am


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