Wednesday, February 16, 2005
I did it yesterday! I planned and followed my plan too! When my head was hitting the pillow last night, I was smiling to myself :) I did have a crave for sweets, but Angelos saved me! We were watching a film when I started moaning about wanting something sweet. And he got up from the sofa, and had a funny expression in his face, and went to his gym bag, and came back with a small package with a ribbon, and came back, gave it to me and said proudly: "I knew this would come so look what I have for you!"

He had bought me dried papaya and pineapple, an old favourite of mine when I was doing WW! He is so precious, isn't he?! So I had a slice of each and it totally satisfied my crave!

And I also took my decision and I am not going to Instambul. I have not told you about this, have I? I have two great girlfriends, G and E, with whom we met in 1986 while taking our TOEFL exam to get to the American College. And have been closer than close ever since. E just broke up with her bf. They had been together for 15 years! And G has some family in Instambul and when I came back from Amsterdam they announced me that we were going there for a long weekend, Feb 24 to Feb 27, to cheer E up. They said that all the money I'd need would be for my ticket, since we would stay over some friends, and any shopping I'd might do.

Truth is I stressed a lot over it. It has been ages since the three of us have gone anywhere together. And shopping again! And new images too! And the spices market in Instambul is also something I adore!

But money is an issue, because we just got back from a shopping spree, and I had promised Angelos that after we return we will start on paying off the last credit card.

And then there is always food thoughts. No way I will be in Turkey and not eat all those kebabs and lahmajuns and turkish delights and and and!

And then I'd come back and take another week to get back to eating right.

So my friends were not happy last night I called them and told them. But they understood :). Truth is I am not happy I am not going either. But deep inside I feel good about my decision. I almost feel proud. Because Angelos told me to go and yet I managed to decide not to, and do the sensible thing. I know I would have feelings of remorse should I went, and I do not want those feelings!!!

It is sunny today after a week or more! So I walked 4 km and then took the bus to work. I had a big banana for breakfast, and have my salad with azukis with me. And for dinner we will have grilled salomon fillets with lotsa curry powder and mustard powder and cumin and crushed red and green pepper. The things I do to disguise the fishy

Oh...and steamed brocolli too!

I think I am back...and I feel so good too!!!!

Posted by Argy at 12:40 pm
Blogger kimba said...

Ha! I do the same thing with fish (try to disguise the taste) - I'll send you a yummy recipe for salmon that hides the fish taste enough for me! I love dried papaya and pineapple too, mmm.

It's a shame you aren't going to Istanbul (I'd LOVE to visit Turkey!) but I totally understand your decision not to. Sometimes we just can't do everything, can we? Although it would be nice :D

11:50 pm


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