Monday, February 14, 2005
"I'll start my diet on Monday"
So yeah. I managed to not do this. Only becauyse I will start it on Tuesday. I was really embarassed for myself reading your comments this morning. Because yesterday we splurdged in pre-valentine's chocolate, and tonight I am having Vangelis and Sofia over for a Valentine's dinner for four. We figured that love should be celebrated in general, therefore the four of us have lots to celebrate together!

But Kimba and Lee were so right! I realised last night that staying off program foodwise is really like refusing to admit reality!

And I am very consiously deciding to give it another day. Not because I deserve it. Actually I do not deserve it at all. But when Angelos asked for this dinner tonight, I was ashamed to admit I did not want to eat a fancy dinner again. I was ashamed to deny this to him after the way I have eaten the past days :(

I will try to keep it reasonable. But I am not sure I will manage. And I am so bloated from my period too. And I feel like a rat for whinning while I just have all the tools to shut up and simply do it!

I even cooked lentiles and cut the salad for the rest of the week on Saturday, after posting. But in the evening we went to the Amsterdam gang and we ate dutch sausages and cheeses and candy they bought at the airport. And yesterday I roasted a chicken and ate it for lunch with salad and then in the evening when we went to Sofia's I dare not count the chocolate consumed.

This morning I have had a good fruit salad for breakfast, an orange, a tangerine, a small banana and an apple.

And I have my salad here with 4 Tsp of lentiles.

So the disaster will be in the evening. And tomorrow is always a new day, isn't it?

To make it up to myself for last night, I managed a good 30 mins in the treadmill this morning. A start, innit?

Posted by Argy at 11:53 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lynda here...

I am with you on the Valentine's thing. Diet starts Tuesday!!! I hope you had a lovely dinner. Stu and I had a lovely night together. Your descriptions of the meals you cook just make me salivate - if ever I come to Athens then it has to be for dinner at your place!!!

12:15 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you could have said, it starts tomorrow so I will eat chocolate and cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner - but you didn't! You have already made a start, and you'll soon be 100% back on track. Little by little, step by step. My birthday last week went from Wednesday lunch until Sunday afternoon drinks! And I enjoyed every ridiculous bite and swallow! But now I've stopped drinking, and am eating lightly, with one tiny piece of birthday cake for dessert each day until it's all gone. Little by little, that's the way

remember, living well is the best revenge

12:29 am

Blogger kimba said...

Blogger wouldn't let me comment before :(

Today is always a new day. And 30min on the treadmill is a great start!

5:24 am


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