Tuesday, September 28, 2004
The Plan
I weighed last Thursday. And I weighed this morning too. The difference is 3.5 kg. Upwards. No. I am not waiting for my period. I am ovulating. Is there a OS? An Ovulating syndrome or something equally scientific to the ear? Cos lately it seems to have severe PMS while ovulating. Am I getting that older? I dunno...

But I will not post a weight today. I refuse to accept that I have gained that much. I have not. I know it. Case closed!

I will post my thoughts about the plan.

Now, I need stuff that need no preparation. Stuff I can have here at work that I can eat. Soft stuff. Smooth for my stomach. Because with the stress I have here at work, the few times I have felt hungry during the last 3 weeks, and have tried to eat something, my stomach feels like a knot with the first bite. And then I have to deal with upset customers, upset journalists, upset assistants, and upset stomach too!

I cannot deal with upset me in the mornings too. Upset me will mean a me that will feel there is less room in my trousers than there used to be.

I cannot add such feelings to my currently overworked heart.

And I cannot think. I am not too fond of yogurt, and besides fruit and yogurt I cannot think of anything else. Oh, I thought of cottage cheese too, but I cannot find any organic cottage cheese no matter how hard I try.

So if you want to help me a little, or a lot, could you suggest a few things for lunch that can go to my frige here and stay till I eat them?

I have decided that breakfast will be fruit. I am too fond of apples and pears right now. Autumn is soft with a cinnamon and apple scent for me.

Lunch is to be filled in...

Dinner will be usual grilled protein, salad, occasionally brown rice or couscous or potatoes. I tried some baked chips the other day, a Jammie Oliver recipe and they were devine!

I did 10 minutes on the treadmill today. Not much at all. But last night I slept too late, and I hitted snooze in the morning. So when I woke up I was already late. I decided to be a little later and give myself those 10 minutes.

Tomorrow I will aim for more.

I am serious about this you know. I do not want to stay here for ever. In this weight I mean. Because if I don't get in the mood now, then it will be winter and winter is such a glorious homey season. It is too difficult for me to start a diet in winter.

I am rambling. It is 8.30 p.m., I am still in the office, and I still got stuff to do, which I procrastinate by writing in this blog.

A kiss to all

Posted by Argy at 8:13 pm
Blogger Kimba said...

How about SOUP for lunch? Yummy tasty warm soothing 'soft' soup. You can cook it over the weekend and then take it to work. Easy to heat up (if you haev a microwave at work) and easy to eat. Easy to make, too - it's great for using up leftover vegies. And you can do so many variations...there are also so many nice organic soups out there (ready-made) - well here in Sydney you can get them, not sure about in Athens?

Something else I love is lentils. Sort of like an Indian dhal. I have a nice WW lentil and spinach 'soup' recipe that's really yummy and very filling, I can send it to you if you like.

5:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh.. I am feeling all of your stress. The mad pace of your work and the pressure! How can this relaxed wonder woman who has the ideal island holiday with her husband return to this? I dispair for you. I don't understand your pressure - are you self employed? the boss? Somewhere you must make a little time for you though. I don't have any food ideas I am afraid as this is a problem for me too but keep trying and remember life is more than your office stress... *hugs*

Lynda - www.geocities.com/scottygirl_1

9:01 am

Blogger Shauny said...

You poor overworked little chicken! You sound so stressed. I reckon quinoa is a great idea for lunch. It is so easy to cook, just like rice, but it is such a light and delicate flavour, gentle on the stomach. it is full of protein and essential fats, amazingly healthy yet delicious. you can throw anything in it, like your grilled vegies, or some feta, cucumber and red onion, eat it hot or cold, keep it in teh fridge at work. juju has some great ideas too - http://www.skinnydailypost.com/archives/2004_04_22_skinnydaily_archive.html

6:36 pm

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