Thursday, September 16, 2004
It has been quite a while. I have been running around all day long. Work is totally insane, and then there are doctors to see too.

I still have some tests to do but I will have to wait for my period to pass, I think tests will be done next week. My mum started her therapy today. It is a very easy procedure, and so far there are no side effects, which is good. She is so possitive about it all, makes my heart ache some times. I do not want her to get disappointed. I just want this thing to go away with the treatment. I guess we will know in 6 weeks from today...

I miss my treadmill. Who would have thought there would come a day I would say that! But I work from 9 am to 10 - 11 pm most of the days, and I just cannot wake up early enough to squeeze some exercise. And I need it so bad! I need the releif from the stress when I am on the treadmill. I need the feel of endorfines buzzing in my system.

On Sunday I went to the beach and swam like the sea was going to evaporate for ever the next day. It felt so good to actually move this body vigorously.

I am eating ok. I skip meals during the day mainly cos when I think about eating the phone rings and a disaster happens and then I forget all about it. But I am having a good dinner every day, and try to drink plenty of water and less coffees. And I have not been on the scale for I dunno how long. I feel the same, so if there is a change, it won't be much and I think it will be on the downward side.

I am really missing this blog. But you have no idea what is happening in this office. OH! My partner gave birth to a GORGEOUS boy, 3.8 kg on Monday. He is so beautiful and she is so happy. I melted when I saw them for the first time. Could not stop crying!

I am now getting back to work. You all take care and keep up the goodness!

Posted by Argy at 3:57 pm
Blogger Kimba said...

hey gorgeous good to 'hear' from you. I'm glad to hear that things are looking positive with your mum. Have you got a big office at work, can you take your treadmill there and workout while you're having lunch or something? 9am till 10-11pm, that's SUCH a long day, you really need to take an hour for yourself in there somewhere, or you're going to burn out...Take care of yourself OK!

4:49 am

Blogger Tracy said...

Dearest Silverella,
Kimba is right - you'll have to make time for yourself or people with white coats come and take you in a soft room someday...I admire your stress tolerance though - I would be a complete nutcase working more than 7.5 hours per day :) On the other hand, maybe it's hard now for awhile but gets easier when your partner gets back from maternity leave. Would it be possible to hire some extra help, so that you could squeeze in 60 min. of Silverella time few days aweek? I'm glad to hear your mom is feeling good, I send positive thoughts and sunshine to both of you. Hang in there,


2:38 pm


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