Thursday, September 23, 2004
So much of it actually, I do not know where to begin!

Life has been so different lately. Work is always too much. I leave home at around 9 am and ... Monday I returned at 11.30 in the evening, Tuesday at 1 am, and yesterday at 10.30. Tuesday was the worse I think. I was in a studio from 6 p.m. after the office and the photo shoot finished at 12.30!!! We were doing photos for billboards, a cover, and promo pics. I was doing nothing productive, besides babysitting my artist that is. She wanted my advice on her clothes (she had two stylists with her), my advice on her hair-do, etc... etc...

Funny thing is that when I was younger, it was all this kind of crap that I actually loved about this job. The photo shoots, the interviews, the press conferrences, the buzz, the openings, the parties. Now I can't stand them. I can't sit in a studio full of people doing nothing and think all the real work I would have done if I was at my office. Or the dinner I would be cooking if I was home. Or the pyzamas I would wear if I was comfy on our sofa.

And I just got the contacts and the photos are not good. I think we have to redo it. It will be the third time!!!

I hope all this madness will end beginning of November. And I hope I will still be alive and sane. And I hope to get a week off the moment my partner steps back in the office after her maternity leave.

Am I hoping too much?

I think I do. This is my new concept actually. One day my husband was telling me something. A big plan. A very ambitious plan. And I really think this is going to happen? And he said "Of course! If there is one thing that dies last this is hope honey!"

So yes, I am hoping. I am hoping that since my mom is feeling superbly since she started her treatment, I am hoping that the therapy works and that she gets to keep her bladder.

I am hoping that tomorrow morning, since I have no early appointments, I will come late to work and use the treadmill. Do you know I had to undust it to step on it on Saturday? And do you know I was feeling so less stressed all day after? But I worked out both days during the weekend. Half an hour on Saturday, and an hour minus 5 minutes on Sunday. And also had 3 meals each day during the weekend. Then Monday came...

I have to confess I eat very badlyI have coffee for breakfast, coffee for elevensies, coffee for lunch. I can't eat while I am at work because the few times I tried my stomach gets so sick. It is all this stress and tension.

Then I eat dinner close to midnight. I have something grilled with salad. Or some pasta. Or rice. Tis all I want. Oh, and pitta bread too! And I think I am almost asleep by the time I'm chewing the last mouthful.

I drink a lot of water. Does that help?

I have lost some weigh too. Not that it is lost weight I am proud of. But I won't bother you with fake numbers. I consider my current weight fake. I feel if I eat properly for a couple of days the scales will say a different story. If I was counting points, I don't think I consume more than 12 a day. Taint good and I know it. It just took me some time to realise. But my assistant today said that I need some sleep cos I look old. O L D!

I fired her and re-hired her on the spot!

I have plans for the weekend. BIG plans. I will unplug the telephone, give my mobile to my husband to hide, and let the only phone alive in our house be his mobile. No work contact has his number...hehehe. I will not open my computer. I will go shopping for a pair of trousers. I will go to the beach and swim if the weather is nice. I will see some friends. And I will have meals. And an ice cream too!

I had missed blogger so much! I am so glad I took this little break to update!

Posted by Argy at 5:13 pm
Blogger Jlynn said...

Glad to hear your mom is doing well. I would go crazy if I had your schedule, I hope it lightens up for you soon.
Take care,

11:24 pm

Blogger Shauny said...

can i come work for you?

glad you updated lovely girl! you sound so frazzled! hang in there, we're thinking of ya!

2:19 pm


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