Friday, September 10, 2004
I weighed in yesterday morning. And it made me think about dieting again!

See, I was 90.5 or something close to this when I started this blog. I left at 87.3 for my holidays I think. (Flunctuations are due to sheer boredom to go search on my archives for exact numbrers!) I came back from holidays 86.2 (this is a fact I remember how pleased I felt!) After the weekend feast I was back on 87.3. Yesterday morning I was 85. This morning I was 86.

Crazy, innit?

And not too much progress either!

I am not eating well lately. I can't have breakfast. I drink too much coffee and forget lunch. Then I have a big dinner with relatively healthy food. Last night I cooked and it seemed I had not cooked for ages! I boiled chicken legs (but had removed the skin ;). In the chicken broth I made us some rice. Then I took the boiled chicken legs and took all the flesh out in small chunks. I put it in a pan with a tsp of olive oil, squeezed 2 lemons in, added salt, pepper and curry powder, and as it was shimmering I added a couple of tsp of dijon mustard. Served it over rice and it was yummy! And relatively healthy too!

But when it is the only meal I have all day long, I tend to have more because by 10 in the evening I am ravenous, and then I feel sick because my poor stomach has prolly forgotten how to diggest food in the last 24 hours since its last meal!

Pretty silly, I know.

We will go grocerry shopping tomorrow and I will cook some things during the weekend so that I will be able to just pick a container out of the fridge and bring some food to work.

Cos work has been insane lately. This is my bussiest season in the year. I have theater plays starting, club grand openings, winter programs to announce for the radio, and the congress starts October 6!

So much work to do!!!

Which reminds me that this break was enough!

Take care you all :)

Posted by Argy at 4:23 pm
Blogger sagaboy said...

hi silverella, i only found your blog a few days ago but i have read it from the very first entry up to the present, and i want to commend you on your willpower. I too am trying to lose weight and i have no self discipline so i know it will take me very long. I really enjoy reading your blog. Best wishes to you and your mom.

7:29 am

Blogger Kimba said...

WOW work sounds busy, you'll need another holiday soon :) Good to hear you sounding positive. I think the cooking on the weekend and having food prepared to take for lunch is a great idea, you need to take good care of yourself, and eating well is very important (not just for losing weight :P )

2:28 am

Blogger Kimba said...

Hey gorgeous, just popping in to say hi, thinking of you and hope all is well there in sunny Greece!

Kimba :)

4:36 am


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