Friday, July 02, 2004
Thank you Susan Miller… I’ll shamelessly put the blame on the Moon
Do you guys ever read Susan Miller’s site? The Well, when I feel like toying with astrology, this is the one and only site I visit. She has proven to be accurate for lill’ aquarius like meself and she always have a very sweet way of writing.

Truth is I have slept 4 hours only last night. Or this morning I should say to be precise. Like hundreds of thousands Greeks last midnight, my husband and I joined the crowd and went downtown to celebrate Greece being in the final of Euro 2004. We were back home at 6 am and I slept till 10 this morning. I woke up super tired and only managed 13 minutes in the treadmill before collapsing.

But like yesterday, I feel a tad bloated. Surely it is one week before my period is due. And perhaps this can be the reason for my moodiness, but it definitely is not the reason for my bloatedeness (does this word exists?). When I was doing this strict thing the holistic med gave to me back in March and April and middle of May, all 3 periods I had during these months did not make me bloated. My body did not retain water during that time. I am convinced that we women retain water during our periods when we eat crap. And by crap I do not mean fattening things only. I also mean bad quality foods, full of chemicals and stuff.

Anyway, I have resulted I am bloated because exercise only is not enough. And because lately I eat bad quality foods. And my body is retaining water to cope with the crap.

So to cheer myself up this morning when I got to work – and give some time to my brain to wake up so I could actually function – I made a coffee and went to check my monthly forecast in Susan’s. She said that this full moon tonight is bad bad bad! So I decided I am bloated because of the Moon! Since it makes us feel worn out and miserable. BUT she also said:

“This month you have an ideal chart for losing weight, for Saturn will give you a craving for routine, as well as a certain level of self-discipline that will help you achieve impressive results. “

Oh how I need some discipline!!! I don’t seem to find it though. I thought that if I worked my arse off for an hour in the treadmill in the morning, I would not want to destroy all this effort by having ice cream in the evening. Truth is that in the beginning it worked exactly like I had imagined. But it evolved to being an excuse for not eating right. The “I’ll work an extra fifteen minute and burn this” scheme doesn’t work anymore. I got on the scales this morning and have gained 500 grms again. Seem to be loosing and gaining the same couple of kilos for the whole of June.

I am thinking of WW. The terror of Ms. Barbara, the weigh in lady could be something that would make me be good. I feel if I manage to be good for a week, then I will be good for a month. And I mean Good GOOD not semigood like I am now.

But then, WW???

Oh I am so bad with decisions! I think now I must return to work. Or else I’ll never leave here!

Posted by Argy at 4:30 pm
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Argy, If you think going back to WW will help you, then go back. You don't have to go back for a long period of time, just try it for a month to get you back in a routine. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

Amanda @

10:40 am

Blogger Kimba said...

I need some discipline too. Have felt myself slipping into a little bit too much complacency, added to a lack of motivation and a good dose of apathy! We gotta get our butts into gear :)

Hey congratulations on Greece winning the Euro Cup! I'm so glad that you guys won. There are huge parties in my suburb today (many people of Greek background living in my area). Woohoo! bet you guys are really partying on over there :)

7:50 am


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