Thursday, July 01, 2004
I am posting for luck!
Silly I know. But last time Greece played in Euro I posted before watching the game and this is what I am going to do now too!

It will be a short post though because I am so busy at work this week that I barely have time to breath!

I have not eaten very well lately. Monday was our wedding anniversary and we had our two best friends over. I went crazy when I got home and decided to really cook. First, main, salads, deserts! Yeap...plural. I made 3 different kinds of deserts, a genuine Jamie Oliver's chocolate tiramisu, a kinda light thing with jello, fruits and yogurt, and a classic greek choco thingy with biscuits, butter (lotsa butter), eggs, cocoa, cognac, sugar. Veeeeeeeeeery decadent I promise you. Take 400 grms of butter, leave them in room temp, them mix it with 200 grms of cocoa, 3 eggs, sugar, cognac, and break a whole box of petit beurre biscuits in small pieces, put it in the mixture , put the whole thing in alluminum foil, then in the freeze and here! D I S A S T E R !!!!
Needless to say noone ate the jello - yogurt thingy! So I ate like a pig on Monday (we ALL ate like pigs!!!) and then Tuesday I had nothing all day but coffees and then for dinner I had a piece of that tiramisu. Yesterday I had a salad for lunch and a sald for dinner but there was too much feta cheese and olive oil involved.

Today has been better so far, but with the footy tonight...

I can't seem to be able to eat breakfast after excersise. I just don't want anything but water!

Perhaps I am not eating well because I am so mad busy with work and the preparations for my nephew's christening this saturday that I have not done any food shopping for me. We just eat what is still in the freeze and I just buy a few fruits and veggies on my way back from work.

At least I work out more and more. I do 35 to 50 mins in the morning and 25 to 35 mins early in the evening. So I have not shown a gain, but this is not good. I have lost so little during June.

I need to concentrate and decide if I go on my own or join WW for a month to boost things up. We will be leaving for our summer holidays in August 6 and will be back on the 29, so if I really make the effort I can loose 4 to 6 kilos by then.

Why I am not determined?

Life is so busy and then so fun and I am falling of the wagon me thinks.

(Can you tell Im typing so super fast before I got to go and still want to post? I'm sure this will be full of typos!!!)

Cheers for now!!! Happy July to all!!! Athens is getting hotter and hotter :)

Posted by Argy at 6:17 pm
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, well done to Greece for winning the soccer!! Don't worry too much about the eating for a special occasion. We need to have these times to remember when time are not so good. You are doing well with your exercise - I should really try to be half as good!

Lynda -

7:30 am


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