Wednesday, June 16, 2004
I want to win the Lotto!
So I won't have to work anymore! You know on Monday I slept from 6 am to 8 am on my office sofa! I was working from 10.30 in the morning till 6am! I also worked all Saturday and a few hours on Sunday too! And I am not rich either!!!

So if I can't win the Lotto - since I am not playing anyhow - can I get a nice job that won't have me slaving over maniacs and preferably somewhere else please? A nice 8 hr job with a bit of an overtime - so I keep my workaholic nature satisfied - that will pay me nice and give me normal holidays, leaves, sick days and all?

When I was offered this partnership, 2 years ago, I was thinking that having my own company with a partner would make me the boss. That it would give me freedom to come and go. HA! I was tricked by the bosses I used to have! They were either working for a bigger boss, or they had a loyal employee like me to do all the shit Now I work more, make less, and sleep in the office sofa!!!

On the weigh loss now, I waved goodbye to my water gain, and I am back to 89.8. I havent eaten brilliantly but not bad either. I missed the treadmill yesterday, but I carried boxes containing 6.000 2nd announcements for my congress. I carried them from the office to the car, from the car to the pavement, and from the pavement to the post office. The entire weight of these boxes (as the man of the post told me after weighin them for me to pay)was 174 kilos. I did 12 rounds to carry all the boxes, and I did 3 trips with them so that counts as a work out, doesn't it? (Please say it does!)

Then I did some retail therapy. I finished from the post office at 8 pm and the shops close at 9, so I spent a good 30 minutes in Marks & Spencer. I bought a cute skirt, a t-shirt and "roll of drums" another bathing suit! 2 piece please! And WHITE!!! Nice high legs bikini! I have a nerve don't I? hehehe I figured that cellulite, flab, strech marks and all need a bit of pampering after how bad I treated them last time. Last time I wear a white bathing suit I must have been 2 years

My husband liked it a lot and he told me that to celebrate my good mood after buying a bathing suit, he is taking me away for the weekend, so I can work on my tan! Bless him I say!

I want to thank you all for leaving comments on my blog. It makes such a difference. But you have to know one thing. I am puter illiterate. This is why this blog has no pics and fun stuff. I don't know how to add them!!! So unless you leave a url or email, I have no idea how to contact you and thank you personally! Tis all Greek to me ... and so am I!!!

Have a great morning, I am going to shop for fabric to make a dress for my nephew's christening beginning of July. occasional merits of being the boss ;o)

Posted by Argy at 9:11 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your job sounds so hectic! Yay to the loss of the water gain :o) And I don't think there are too many 8 hour jobs left out there unfortunately!

12:22 am

Blogger Messalina- said...

Alo Alo kai trisalo. Giati ola afta mou thimizoun kati? Kouragio. Den gatiemai kai to lotto kai o proistamenos... Koita gyrw sou kai prospathise na vlepeis kathe mera kati omorfo pou prin den to eixes proseksei. Mou to mathe mia fili se ena forum afto.

6:36 am


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