Thursday, March 23, 2006
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You know who found out that has gained weight? Nooooo...not me! I weighed in on Tuesday and was so pleased to see 88.5. That was a tiny .2 loss from the last weigh in, which means my good eating in Belfast and the long miles I walked each and every day were not destroyed by the chocolate feast of last weekend. I wont go into the "shit, that means if I had not eaten the chocolate I would have lost another kilo" territory. For me it is brilliant I had my cake and ate it too ;)

But my gym bunny of a husband found out he has gained 3 kilos in the last 2 months. Has he changed his eating habbits? Nope! Has he stopped his daily visits in the gym? Nope! Has he been running less km in the treadmill or has he been using less weights in his strength trainning? Nope!

What has happened is really an eye opener.

Angelos is a driving instructor, with a specialty in motor cycle driving. You know how the first lessons are done? In a designateted area, with him running around the newbies, practically running next to them while they slowly ride.

For the last 2 months he changed his focus and now he is giving car driving lessons. More people need a car driver's licence than a motor cycle one, which means that business is perking up for him.

So instead of chasing motor cyclers to be, he sits on his (gorgeous) arse all day in a car. And this added 3 kilos in his body!

It is interesting, isnt it? And good too, cos I like a bit more of him anyway ;)


So I had the long talk on Monday. Things are a tad better. She understood, apologised, and gave me a few days off. She actually offered them to me. We are leaving tomorrow morning for a a little village in the Peloponese. We will be back on Monday. I just did not feel like Amsterdam or any other place. I just did not want to see anything new. I just want to be close to nature, near the sea, with my husband and Vangelis and Sofia, sleep in in the mornings, take long naps in the afternoons, soak in the sunshine during the day, and play scrabble (females vs males) every night. I do not really feel like anything else at the moment!


I did some shopping in Belfast. On Saturday morning I put my alarm on early, and by 9 am I was in the shops. I had to be in the airport at noon, I had my stuff packed, and a couple of hours to spare.

I just went to one shop. Not top quality, but nice clothes. Sort of Zara quality, if you know what I mean. Primark.Really cheap stuff. I bought many things for me and Angelos and spend only 120 pounds for:

Angelos stuff: a swiming suit (yes...he laughed his heart our when I got him a swiming suit from, 3 tshirs, 2 shirts, 2 belts, some socks, a jeans jacket

My stuff: a skirt, 2 shirts, a white cotton trenchcoat, a pair of jeans, a pair of cargo pants, 2 work pants, a work jacket, a dress, and a pair of pj's!

The thing that does not stop to amaze me is that I did not try anything on. I did not have than much time.So I just got my 16's, in cuts and styles that I know are good for me, and did not try them but on Sunday morning, when I unpacked my bags. Some of the 16's (shirts and skirt and jackets) were roomier than i'd want them, and the pants are some ok, some a bit tight, one a bit roomy.


Food this week has been brilliant. I am having a big bowl of organic muesli (3 different kinds of oats, bran flakes, raisins, almonds and walnuts) made by Angelos with 0% milk, I am having some sushi at work (6 small salmon maki rols, 2 small avocado maki rolls) and a well balanced meal for dinner. I get back home every day and cook with pleasure. I had missed this.


If you have not noticed it yet, it is Spring. Celebrate the rebirth by being extra nice to yourself, you hear me? ;)

Posted by Argy at 8:57 am
Blogger linda said...

enjoy your days off Argy - the leaves are all falling off the trees here in Melb so Autumn is coming (even though it's going to be 30 degrees tomorrow?). xx

10:40 am

Blogger kathrynoh said...

Sounds like a lovely restful holiday :)

And congrats on the loss. .2 + chocolate sounds good to me.

I love sushi for lunch - it's so cheap and easy and healthy. It must be the best takeaway food around. I love to have a bowl of miso soup with it too.

11:39 am

Anonymous dg said...

OH! SUSHI! *spontanous orgasm*

Sooo glad to hear you got some days off!

And well done with the Primark buys! I will have to check them out. OH DUDE, guess what, while i was in Lisbon I bought a dress and a coat from Zara. ZARA! I never thought i'd fit into anything from that skinnyass shop. Granted it's only a dress and coat, i'll never have the legs for their pants.

have a great time, deary! :)

4:56 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

Have a fabulous time off woman! youve worked hard for it so you deserve to enjoy each and every minute :)

11:16 am

Blogger M@rla said...

I am so glad the chocolate did not harm you! Enjoy your days off - is it the same village you visited before? You had posted some beautiful photos.

11:13 pm

Blogger Shannin said...

Enjoy your time away - I am very jealous...

5:31 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

You sound so happy right now. It is lovely.

1:52 am

Anonymous beckschallenge said...


You sounds delicious.

Happy, content and delicious.

Congratulations on your loss. :)

Now, down to business, when are you moving to Bendigo? *laugh*

I wish.

Fellow goddess

3:00 pm

Blogger Mary said...

Aha, what you do for a job does make a difference! I noticed that too with my varying roles.

Glad you got to have more of a holiday :-)

8:22 am


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