Friday, March 17, 2006
How has it been so far love?

I simply adore it when everyone here calls me love. I get on the taxi, and the driver asks me... where can I take you love? I go to macey's to buy nurofen, and the woman in the cashier asks me ... do you have a headache love?

Im just back from the end of the conference, and I have an hour till I have to meet the rest. They are taking tus o the belfast castle for a traditional irish dinner, with pipers and irish dancing and st patrick's celebrations. Im looking forward to it. I was wrong not wanting to go to Belfast. I had quite an experience and I really found the people of northern ireland absolutely adorable. Sweet, with a delectable singing accent, a sharp sense of humour, and a sense of regeneration in everything. But they don't know how to cook!!!

On my way here I faced a crisis. I got a phonecall from the boss when I was waiting for my connect flight in hethrow. 26 minutes of her yelling and me listening. And as soon as I got in the hotel and turned on my cell phone, there were 3 voicemails where she was yelling again.

Between Hethrow and Belfast, I decided to quit. When I heard her voice mails, my decision got final. I spoke with Angelos, and spent the night sleepless trying to work on a budget to see how we will be able to make ends meet without me working. I wrote an email to her with my two weeks notice. I got a long phonecall from her again the next morning. All sweet and apologetic. And an een longer email. Of the same flavour.

So I will meet with her on Monday and will discuss things.

I have to pack my things now, cos Im flying home tomorrow and I hope to wake up early in the morning, leave the hotel, wander around for a couple of hrs, then return, get my luggage, and go to the airport. I have to be there at noon.

I leave you with a nice view of Belfast's gorgeous city Hall, and the only picture of me in Belfast, where I teach the delegates how to dance "syrtaki" on the greek night they organised to honour our organisation as their partner for next year's conference.

Posted by Argy at 7:46 pm
Blogger Denise said...

Such a beautiful, joyful picture...I wish I were dancing with you!

12:09 am

Anonymous dg said...

what a great pic! safe travels back home mate... it was lovely talking to you

12:49 am

Blogger Mary said...

Gosh, well Belfast sounds fabulous but the screaming, not so much. The decision to quit sounded positive so I hope it all works out for you sweety. Just remember not to beat yourself up!

10:25 am

Blogger Catesa said...

thanks for your congrats cutie, good to hear the trip was worth it! Its always nice to experience new places :) you have a wonderful time at the castle & keep updates about how talk with the yelling boss goes *kissx3*

10:26 am

Blogger Beckie said...

I believe that one facet of what makes a good teacher, boss, parent etc.... is someone who deals with crisis well. Inside you may be frightened, angry, furious, sad but other people (especially those you love and cherish) do not ever deserve to be on the receiving end.

After you had this trip almost forced on you, then copping endless yelling, that shows me her crisis skills are low. That was unacceptable. Im glad you have shaken her up a bit. Can't wait to hear how the meeting goes.

You look so pretty, from what I can see. Classy love. :)

8:20 am

Blogger Shannin said...

I am so sorry your boss is being such a twit - especially when you're doing her such a favor!

Very jealous you got to be in Ireland for St. Patty's Day. My ancestors' hometown is right on the border of No. Ireland and I hope to get there soon. i may have to pretend I'm Greek so I can get dance lessons!!

2:17 am


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