Monday, March 27, 2006
This is me today. Content. Relaxed. A bit sunburnt in the face too :)

We had a fantastic time! The weather was cloudy all friday and saturday, but brilliantly sunny on Sunday. What did we do?

Angelos and Sofia sleeped in each morning, while Vangelis and I woke up at between 7.30 and 8, had a fast coffee, took Kika, the dog-ess, drove for 15 minutes in quite roads with olive tree fields in both sides, me drinking in the beauty of the millions of wildflowers popping under the olive trees - this village is near Kalamata, where Sofia got me the olive oil, so its full of olive tree fields - got to the Spianza, one of the longest beach in greece, which extends for 40 kilometers, walked for 40 minutes, then another 40 minutes back, then went to the bakery, got them breakfast, and then home to wake them up. We spent a good few hours sitting in the garden, sipping coffee, teasing each other, laughing our heats out, and then went out for lunch.

Some liquid was always over-consumed. One day it was beer, the other day it was ouzo, the last it was wine. Then back home, and all of them would go for a nap, besides me. I would either take my book, wear a jacket, and got out in the garden to read my book, sipping on some iced coffee, hearing nothing but the sound of the icecubes dancing in the glass each time I brought it to my lips, and the birds singing. This quietness did miracles to my head and soul. At the end of the second day, I finally begun to hear my thoughts.

Then the rest would wake up, and we would all go for a walk, either back to that beach, or around the olive tree fields, and would walk for around 5 km to a near by village, and would go for a coffee, or a drink. Then we would walk back, take showers, get dressed and would go out to dinner. Where more liquids would be consumed...along with gorgeous simple food, in sufficient quantities too ;)

But do you know that in this village they still take the potato, peel it, cut it, and then fry it? In olive oil? This is how chips were made and still are there. No frozen chips you throw in vegetable oil to fry. Real potatoes in really good olive oil. When you come across this once every few years, do you think you can show ANY power? Actually, do you think you WANT to show ANY power? Not me darling. For starters we had slices of homemade bread, fresh tomatoes from the ladies garden, which she put in the blender, and she would bring you the fresh bread slightly toasted, a bowl of olive oil with garlic cloves in it, the fresh tomato "paste", and a small plate with fresh oregano leaves, and you would take pieces of bread, put a spoonful of this garlic olive oil on it, then some tomato, then the oregano, and then, of course, would moan from freshness, aromas, and health!

Then we would go back home, would built a huge fire, and would play scrabble, or start the long conversations about life, diet, dreams, children, work, money, football, makeup brands, new styles in clothes, the world hunger, organic produce, poisons in the air we breath, strechmarks, newest car models, you name it. And at some point, after a good laugh that would leave us all breathless, or a serious point that would leave us all frowing and speechless for minutes, we would look at each other, and would thank god for our luck to be a "family" of four for all the years we have had as couples.

I have told you the story, havent I?

Sophia and I met when we were 11. We were the first two families to buy apartments in the new appartment building. I met Vangelis when I was 13 or 14 in Lagonissi, where we have a summer house. I became best friends with both instantly. Sophia met Vangelis when they were around 17-18. Sophia were classmates with Angelos since the end of primary school. They were good friends. I met Angelos when I was around 18. Then, Sophia and Vangelis, in their early 20's started dating. So did we. They got married 2 years before us. We always spend christmas and easter together.We are in each others'house at least 3 times a week. We have gone through every rough and smooth spot together. She packed my underwear when we moved last May. I chose the plants for her garden without her being with me.

Yesterday was so warm and sunny. We woke them up early and we all went to the beach to walk. I wore the top of my bathing suit to walk hoping for a bit of colour in my upper body and face. Something to enhance my white shirts to work ;)

I am a bit sunburnt and I love it. We left the village at 8 in the evening, adoring the first day of daylight savings. Longer light. Spring.

I woke up this morning with a red face and a warm heart. We both have the day off. We have a ton of things to do that we did not have the time to do:

I have to cancel my internet connection. I should have done this since December. I was given a yearly free connection as a gift when I bought the laptop, and had not had the time to go and cancel the one I alrady had. So I pay 18 euros a month for nothing!

We have to go grocerry shopping

We have to go to the police station and get the paper for when they broke our car and stole our car stereo, 3 months ago, take it to the insurance company, get our money.

We have to go to the garden centre and buy colourful plants and flowers

I have to plant the tomato seeds, and the irish wildflower seeds I bought

All this time I am writting this post I have been waiting for photos to upload to blogger. No luck. I have also tried to use flickr. No luck either.

I will try again after the chores. I have taken so many pictures for you!

Right...gotta go wake up this sleepyhead man of mine and get started!!!!

I feel good!

Posted by Argy at 9:07 am
Blogger kathrynoh said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday! No wonder you're feeling content. Glad to hear it, you deserve a relaxing break.

I must try that thing with the tomatoes and bread, it sounds fabulous.

12:54 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Sounds awesome! I feel like I took a mini-holiday just reading this sunny, delicious post :D

3:17 pm

Anonymous dg said...

ohhh wow... that all sounds sooo wonderful. especially the potatoes! hope you are feeling refreshed, m'dear!

6:32 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

HA i was going to say the same thing as Tanja... feels like i was on a fancy little holiday too. practically have a sunburn! Didnt you bring any sunscreen? Now im a lobster *kiss*

7:28 pm

Blogger Shannin said...

I am so jealous - it sounds like you had a wonderful, restful time.

4:55 am

Blogger Laura said...

Wow - what a wonderful weekend! Glad you were able to relax...

The villages and places you go on vacation sound so idyllic and wonderful. I so need a little house in a village like that some day.

5:12 pm

Blogger Denise said...

Perhaps if I moved to Greece and took lovely, relaxing, soul-filling holidays I would make better food and exercise choices, too? *sigh* I really need a vacation!

6:58 pm


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