Saturday, May 07, 2005
The New Appartment
In an attempt to cheer me up (yes, still in some kind of blues, with bits of laughs and happy dreams inbetween), today, I will tell you that I am taking the day off the treadmill, and soon Angelos and I will go shopping for things we need to pack, like boxes etc, we will go buy the sink we broke and replace it, will go do the grocery shopping, and I will go buy a pair of high heel sandals, to wear them with my new jeans, because hey, a girl needs the extra cm's to make her thighs look a tad smaller ;o). I will go weigh in now...hang on...haven't weighed in since Tuesday, let's see what the 10.000 steps and food have done so far, although it won't be official till Wednesday! Ha! (sorry I took so long, but I had to strip you know) 800 gr already!!!! 87.7!!!! I weighted on 88.5 on Tuesday!!! I am so glad to see the 87.7 again :)

Right, and now its all about the new appartment!

Which really, is about 20 minutes walking distance from here. And now I feel even more sillier for how I feel, because Cat was right in her comment, I make it sound as if it is in another city. But this is me, over emotional, and still my dad's little girl in a way. Last night I did a big post in my head about why I feel like this. It includes foetal trauma, baby trauma, fat and attention. But I think I need some more time to decide if it should be right to post about my therapy in such depth in here. Part of me wants to do it because it is my journal and I like to go back and see the change, both physically and psychologically, but then, I am not sure this would be proper reading material.

Anyway, back to the appartment (of which you will get to see pictures dg ;o)

First, it is a big appartment. It is on the third floor of a four- floor brand new building. Each floor is a single appartment. 125 square meters interior, and the front balcony is 10 meters long and 3.2 meters wide (biiiiiiiiiig yeeehaa!) and on the back of the house, where the two bedrooms are, each bedroom has a 3*2 meters balcony.

You enter the house, and you see the livingroom - dinning room. 2 big windows lead you to the balcony. On the left corner of the room, same side withthe windows, is the fireplace. Across it is the BIG kitchen, which has a 1.5 m long window above the sink (I fell in love with this window the moment I saw it. I so pictured new small pots of all herbs nesting there :)

Then, there is a door, which leads you to a corridor. On the left there is one bedroom, looking in the front balcony, and this is where my study will be. Then there is a very small WC, with just a sink, toilette and a shower. Because it is bluish, it will be Angelos' bath. WE will have our own baths darlings! My make up and hair stuff and slimming creams and body butters will soooo love their independance!!! Mine has a bath tub, and is pinkish. The best thing is that in the outer wall of both baths, they have put 4 big glass bricks, so the daylight is plenty! And then, there are the other two bedrooms. The bedrooms are smallish, compared to our bedroom now. I have a big chestdrawer that I am not sure it will fit in the new bedroom.

The closets are plenty in the kitchen, ok in the bedrooms.

It has tiles in the floor of the kitchen - livingroom - dinning room in a nice creamy beige. And wooden floors in the bedrooms. The basement is devided in 5 spaces, so we will have our own storage space there.

Every wall is painted white, but the exterior of the building is a very sunny yellow, one of my favourite colours!

Our sofa and armchairs are cream, and we are thinking of a warm soft brown on the walls of the livingroom-dinningroom, and something shocking in the kitchen, like or red! And when I told Angelos that I am thinking of a fushcia bedroom he told me he ain't sleeping on Barbie's room...hehe

Now he is calling me to get ready to go shopping. So I will :) Have a super Saturday!!!!

Posted by Argy at 9:59 am
Blogger M said...

What fun. Have a great time painting and getting furniture and packing. You will probably burn more calories doing that than on the treadmill. Not extra steps though ;) Have a great day

2:00 pm

Blogger M said...

What fun. Have a great time painting and getting furniture and packing. You will probably burn more calories doing that than on the treadmill. Not extra steps though ;) Have a great day

2:00 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

congrats on your 800g loss!! way to go Argy :D your apartament sounds GORGEOUS i cant wait to see the photos!! have fun shopping xoxox

3:15 pm

Blogger Kate said...

Your apartment sounds gorgeous!

5:07 pm

Anonymous Judi Finneran said...

Congratulations. This was my first and certainly not my last visit to your blog.

Happy moving!


12:28 am

Blogger Emma said...

Nice work on the loss Argy! :D

Aaah so you're going to replace the sink and not just try and pass it off as already damaged when you moved in. You're more honest than I ;)

Now, if 10k steps a day was easy peasy, they'd have set the target higher to encourage you to walk further. It's meant to be a bit of a challenge. I know I for one would very rarely make even 2k these days (hello, my name's Emma and I'm sedentary) CHAINED TO THE BLASTED COMPUTER. The chair is shaped like my backside - no really. It is. Hah, your story about Angelos abandoning you cracked me up, tell him nice move from me. Because we're aquainted and he won't think that's odd in the slightest. :D Right, I'll stop blithering on now. I might be getting my enthusiasm for blogger back! Byee :D

12:44 am

Blogger ms ralph said...

Sounds wonderful to me. I hope you find a great pair of heels too, I love shopping!

1:38 am

Blogger a new start said...

Congrats on the loss...I really need to look into getting a pedometer too...someone else mentioned it on another blog, too...10,000 steps huh?

11:56 am

Blogger Amy said...

oh a girl can never have too many pairs of heels... and i'm with you, i swear they make me look at least a few kilos lighter :)
yah for the loss... and your apartment sounds great!

3:49 am


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