Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Back to business
I really had a magnificent Easter. We left on Friday afternoon for the summer house and came back Monday around midnight. It was really full of family and friends, sunshine and laughter, walks to the beach and the hill, cuddles with my man, day dreams and descriptions to friends about the new appartment, warmth inside me every time I played with my niece and nephew, happiness to see my mom glowing with energy, and lots and lots of food.

My brother invaded the summer house with his friends and their kids, so Angelos and I stayed over our friends' house, the friends we went to Amsterdam with. There were 8 of us there, which was really very much fun. It was particularly fun because we did everything ourselves, the mageiritsa, the lamb, the kokoretsi, everything. I have taken lots of pics of all the things I told you about and I am soon going to develop the film and show you most of what I talked about during last week.

You know how it is with old friends. I know this girl since we were 13. Well, I was 13 and she was 11. And her sister was 16. Thre different worlds when you are a teenager. So I know many of their friends, whom I see perhaps once a year or so, alwys in their house, and either during Christmas or Easter or some birthday. My firend's sister needs to loose weight, and her best friend needs to loose almost the same amount I had to loose when I begun. There were the familiar "how did you do it" questions. The familiar "I will never do it" sad looks. We had some really deep conversations. Then we all ate icecream!

Yesterday I stayed home and slaved over clothes. I put away all winter clothes, in special cases ready for storage in the new appartment, and took out all summer clothes. I got to say that last year it was much more of a pleasure. Because when I was trying my summer clothes last year, they were really falling off.This year, they were a bit roomier, but nothing too dramatic. Also, remember the red linen shirt I bought last summer and was never able to wear because the sleeves did not fit? Well, they sort of fit now, I mean they go all the way up, and I can button the two first buttons, while I couldn't last year, but I still need to loose a couple of cm's in my arms to wear this shirt without the fear of the sleeves opening up like paper!

And I have to tell you that I ate tooooo much. Food and beers and icecream and tsourekis and cookies and baklava and chocolate. I will tell you my latest discovery: Valhrona Sorbet. Sex in each teaspoonful ladies. Good moaning sex too! So naturally, I stayed away from the scales all day yesterday, telling myself I will eat very well, and get on the scales today. Then my mom came and she brought her cookies, which I attacked. I had an apple and a banana for breakfast, a tomato salad with a rye rusk for lunch, and then 7 cookies for snack. Dinner was grilled pork fillet with tomato salad and a pita bread.

I got on the scales this morning. Do you know how much I gained? I was guessing between 2 to 3 kilos. Well, I gained 900 gr! 89.4 this morning, while before leaving I was 88.5! I can tell you I am happy! I almost feel like a normal person, who eats a lot for 5 days and does not gain a kilo a day!

So that makes me even more determined to start with my challenge.

I need to get serious again with exercise. The food I can keep under control. It is the exercise I should master again. So, from today, the program is as follows:


Breakfast will be fruits. Lunch and dinner salads with either rye rusks, or seeds (legumes are included in the seeds category). Once a week I will have a dinner of grilled protein, lean meats only.


I got a pedometer. They were a gift in Angelos Spacial K. I am aiming for 10.000 steps a day, in the treadmill and in the street.

This will be my May. By the end of the month I expect to get to 85 kilos.

I am still trying to decide if I should sell the treadmill. There is a very good gym 5 mins walking distance from the new appartment. We could use the extra cash for the moove. I can sell it for 1.300 euros, I bought it 1.800 and its almost a year old. I could buy a yearly subscription for 250 euros (they have it on special for May) and use the rest of the money to buy my furniture for the HUGE balcony we will soon have. And more pots and plants too!!! Also, this is the same gym chain Angelos is going to. And Angelos has a gold membership which means that he can work out in any gym of the chain in any neighbouhood. This means we can workout together in the weekends. This is something we have never done together and could be fun (if the competitive monster inside me stays put...heheh). What do you sell or not to sell?

I got to get ready for work now. And get another load of clothes in the machine too. I am hysterical like this, and when I get the summer clothes out, although they are clean, I wash them all again because I feel they have gotten dirty during all these months they are closed in the closets.Lots of work, more steps ;o)

See you soon, I can't wait to update on your blogs!!!

Posted by Argy at 8:42 am
Blogger a new start said...

glad you are back...sounds like you had a blast...

10:37 am

Blogger Kate said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time. I just love gorgeous family times like that - so so special. Making memories. That's what life is all about huh?
I think you should sell your treadmill - sounds like there are more good reasons to sell than to keep it.
It's so nice when you gain less that you thought isn't it? Very encouraging.
I'm looking forward to hearing that you are 85kg at the end of the month - you can do it!
Oh, and enjoy the pedometer!

11:54 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture you have painted of Greek EAster - you are so lucky to be part of such a rich culture. And isn't that great that you gained less than 1kg on such a happy weekend! Have a great week
remember, living well is the best revenge

2:05 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

wohoooooo glad you're back, i missed you! sounds like you had a faaaabulous time and only gaining 900g seems like a little miracle in itself, you must be so happy :)

as for gym or no gym id say if you can honestly make that commitment to yourself then sell your treadmill and start with 3 months then after those 3months and you are still loving everything about the gym and the together time with A. on the weekends there then definitely extend it to a year :) i made the BIG mistake of trying to save money and signing up for 12 months but after 4 months stopped going regularly then after 6 or 7 months stopped going altogether. i do miss it but it was 20min drive away and thats just too much. yours being only 5 mins it would be super easy to feel bad for missing a workout so maybe that will help you prevent making the same dumb mistake i did :) *kisses*

2:27 pm

Blogger jaime said...

I think I would sell the treadmill just so I wouldn't have to move it!

3:51 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

It is so good to have you back. I missed you too. I'm glad you had a good time and didn't gain too much ;) I would love to own my own treadmill, but we have no space and trust me when I say that! Our place is tiny! Anyway, sounds like you are doing great.

1:58 am

Blogger M said...

Welcome back and congratulations on your smallish gain. This is wonderful that it was not more. You sound so happy and it is great that your Mum seems so well. Sell the treadmill, then you don't have to move it and you will go to the gym and meet more great people - perhaps from your new neighbourhood..
Have a brilliant day. :)

3:14 am

Blogger Amy said...

i just joined a gym last night (i haven't been a gym member for over a year!)

all i can say is make sure you check out the gym thoroughly first and be sure that you are happy with it (facilities, programs, classes, clientele) before selling your treadmill, because if you decide you hate your gym and are locked into a contract, you'll be wishing you had your old treadmill back!

8:17 am


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