Monday, December 20, 2004
Back :)
I have meant to update since Saturday. The first day my mother spent back home. But it has been crazy ever since here, and I just managed to find a few minutes to let you know that she is back home, not fully recovered but better, with a few complications still happening but being under control, with me being more tired than ever, but with having decorated our christmas tree at last.

I promise an update tomorrow.

In the meantime, thank you for all your comments of concern, you are all priceless!!!

Posted by Argy at 7:43 pm
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am so pleased to hear that your mum is home again and hopefully things will settle down for you all real soon. Still sending super big hugs to you and your family...
Take care


7:58 pm

Blogger Kimba said...

Hello gorgeous! Oh I'm so happy that your Mum is home now, it must be such a relief to have her home and out of the hospital, and able to spend Christmas with you all. I'm glad to hear that she is getting better all the time.

You're a superwoman you know that, I haven't even put up my own Christmas Tree this year because I've been too busy (and couldnt' be bothered), but even with everything else going on, you've still found the time to do yours - you've put me to shame :)

Big BIG Hugs for you and your mum and I hope that this week is a lovely one for you all, and that things just keep improving from hereon in.

Love, Kimba XOXOX

11:55 pm

Blogger Denise said...

If your mum is anything like mine, it was several weeks after she got out of the hospital before she was anything like her normal self. She was so terribly thin and couldn't eat very much, so her energy level was very low. I'm so glad to hear that she's home because the best medicine is sleeping in your own bed!

1:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord for that, I am so gald your mother is on the mend. there is something so deeply satisfying about decorating the house for Christmas, isn't there? Sometimes I just stand there at night and look at my Christmas tree, it looks so beautiful :-)
Take good care of yourself

5:07 am


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