Thursday, December 02, 2004
Better and better...shhhhh
Shhhh indeed. I am almost afraid to scream that every day she is getting better. Afraid that the little bad creatures out there will hear and do something nasty! Silly huh?

I'm at work and got to go soon to the airport to pick my dj for tonight. I am looking so forward to this! He is Phil Hartnol from the Orbital and he is giving a dj set in our club. I met him last year when he was here for the same club and man does he rule! I am dead tired, since last night I did not sleep more than a couple of hours all together, but I will drink too much coffee because I am looking so forward to dancing till I fall down tonight. My body needs the movement and my sould needs the freedom too!

So it is to the airport soon, then to his sound check, then to his hotel, then to dinner with him, then to his hotel to change, then to the club. He will start his set at 12.30.

I am talking major coffee intake!!!

Kisses you gorgeousness!

Posted by Argy at 2:01 pm
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Argy dance to you drop and have fun - you certainly deserve it.

I know what you mean about being nervous about talking about your mum getting better, but she will. I can only say keep being positive because I am sure your mum can feel the energy.

have fun tonight - wear comfy shoes :-)

10:20 pm

Blogger Kimba said...

Dancing till you fall down sounds like JUST what you need at the moment - what a great release for all the stress of recent weeks. I hope you have a ball gorgeous.

(and I bashed those little bad creatures around the ears so that they can't hear you when you want to sing out that your mum is getting better!)

12:45 am


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