Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Awesome you!
You make me loose my words so often. You bring tears in my eyes. You make me feel blessed. You, awesome you! Yes, I mean you Kimba. And you DG. And you Denise. And you Lynda. And you Angel. And you Tracy. And you Lyn. And you DeAnn. And you Steffy. And you Karen. And you Morphy. And you Yvonne. And you all indeed!

(Now I will stop the soppiness and give you an update because I got to rush)

So last night I slept at home again. And right now I am having my iced coffee and I just caught up in your blogs. Din't leave comments though, since it was either that or updating.

My mom is well. Her recovery is going smoothly. We are taking each day at a time. Slowly. Safely. I hope. We still have the biopsies to come. I spend every other night in the hospital. Then I leave around 10 am, when her gf arrives, to go to work. Then I go back to her to see her in the evening, and then I come home to sleep, then the next day I go to work, and then to the hospital to sleep with her. We have grown so much closer. All the family has grown so much closer. Horrors like that make you appreciate things.

My eating is weird. Some days go by with a couple of bananas and a toast, some days go by with amazing amounts of chocolate and pasta. It is all or nothing. I have not gained weight, still nesting in the 89 - 90 kilos. I am not stressing too much about it. I just miss exercise. Yesterday, after 24 hours in the hospital, I left to go to the office and without realising it I walked there. 5 km. I was so in need of moovement.

Now I got to rush to the shower, prepare my bag for tonight in the hospital, and hit the road to work. I will let you know more soon.

Happy December to all!!!!

Posted by Argy at 9:36 am
Blogger Kimba said...

Well gorgeous, just between you and me (and everyone reading this!) I think YOU are the awesome one!!!

Thanks once again for letting us know how things are going with your mum. I guess something good that always comes out of terrible things like this, is that it really brings you closer to the ones you love, and helps you appreciate life and loved ones even more...Anyway I'm so glad to hear that your mum's recovery is going smoothly. You guys are in my thoughts.

Take Care! Kimba XOX

11:24 am

Blogger Tracy said...

I really appreciate that you keep us "fans" updated even in tough times, too :) It's weird how world concentrates into absolute necessities when something awful happens. Both in good and in bad - you can only focus on what's most important right there and now, and all things you were intrested in few weeks ago seem trivial and unimportant.
Take care Sweetheart.

6:53 pm

Blogger Steffany said...

You are so dear, to take the time and effort to thank the very people whom YOU are blessing by sharing your words with us. Your life is very different right now from what it was a few weeks ago, and it may never be the same again. But oh, the things you're learning! They are precious. Thank you for sharing them with us. Thank you for the perspective you're helping us all to gain as you journey. Please know that you are thought of often, and fondly.

11:40 pm

Blogger DeAnn said...

I'm with Steffany: I just plain cannot believe that you'd take the time to thank us for reading and wishing you well and praying. What else would friends do? And you support me and offer me advice and I care what happens to you, so I consider you just that.

I really have been praying for your mom a lot during this, and it sounds like so have many others. It appears that someone was listening. And that makes me so very happy.

12:32 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Argy - Its me who should thank you! You really do bring such joy to my life reading your entries. Obviously not the sad ones about your mum but your overall attitude to life just makes me want to change for the better.

Also, as I am not religious, may I wish you mother a million wonderful wishes for her to fully recover!!


1:12 pm


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