Wednesday, June 23, 2004
The Weekend, the Red Notebook, the Sun Tan Lotion, and Sex
Believe it or not, they were all related!

The Weekend: By definition, it is time to us. It is time to do what we don’t get the chance to do during our working week. Even if it is laundry, it means that though tired at the end, we will be happier because all our clothes will be wearable during the week! This weekend was fun for me. Beautiful places, beautiful weather, beautiful people. Beautiful food too! Grilled goodies, such as fish and meat and veggies and pita breads and seafood. Iced goodies, such as fresh fruit juices, iced teas, iced coffees, ice creams. Which leads us to …

The Red Notebook: It worked partly. Because each time I wanted to have something I should not, I wrote down the reason. Usually it was because I was in a great mood. I was content, I felt beautiful, I felt “normal”. I did not feel the “fat” one. Not because I was not. I was the heaviest of all in the group. But I really felt equal to them. I do not know the reason. So when someone suggested a beer, I would drink a beer if I felt like having one. So conclusion number one says that I tend to overeat when I am either in a very bad or very good mood. In the first instance I have a gap to fill, in the second I loosen up enough to feel “normal” and loose my control. (parenthesis: where we went it was a big beach, and an all day long beach bar where we had breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, coffees, everything, so we went nowhere else besides our room). If it was during between 10 am and sunset, and I caught myself wanting something “naughty” to eat or drink, I would write it down, write why, and then hurry to my beach umbrella (is it correct English? The huge umbrellas you have in the beach so you sort of get protection from too much sun?). I would then apply the solution for my craving:

The suntan lotion: Yes. It is correct English this time. Because each time I felt I was ready to eat or drink “bad” stuff, I returned to the beach and applied suntan lotion. I enjoyed how much better my skin felt. I appreciated how smaller my thighs felt. I laughed because of the smaller quantity of the lotion it requires now to cover my body compared to 40 kilos ago. Then I went in the water. And I cherished the feel of the sea. I felt proud because I could swim faster and longer. My husband laughed all the time, because in the middle of a conversation while someone was ordering a banana split, I would get up and run to our umbrella, as if I was hit by a bee! But then the sun set and it was time to get back to our room, and shower and get ready for the evening. We then returned to the beach bar – café – tavern – grill – pastry house, met the beautiful people, sat all together and someone suggested ordering a round of frozen margaritas. It was then the first problems started. Because there was no way I would run in my umbrella and apply sun tan lotion! And because I’m a sucker for margaritas! Quick thoughts quick thoughts! Red notebook! Alcohol calories! Fun! Feeling content! But oh the weight gain! If we start at 10 p.m. with margaritas, then we will go on with wine, and then food and then desert, and oh my god! What if we move to tequila shots after? What will I do?! I was writing all this in my little red book when the decision came all by itself – or at least it felt this way: Drink, eat, enjoy and then … do a lot of Strenuous Exercise! Which leads us to ….

Sex: I had such an evening! I felt so good about the decision to go with the beautiful peoples’ flow, that I drunk 4 margaritas, 3 glasses of wine, and 6 tequila shots. We ate grilled fish and shrimps and salads. I shared a frozen tiramisu with another woman. And we danced the night away! And this wonderful day left us all relaxed and happy. And that entire dance left me and my husband in a very sexy mood. Which made us have sex till dawn! I slept for a few hours, then woke up, had a fruit ‘n’ yoghurt smoothie for breakfast, swam a lot, did the run-to-the-umbrella-and-put-on-sun-tan-lotion trick, had a huge salad with a little fish for lunch, and luckily, when the sun set, we left!

On Monday I hopped on the scales and I was 89.9. I gained 100 grms during the weekend. And I promise you. With what I drunk and ate, it should have been more than a whole kilo! But the great weekend, the little red notebook, the sun tan lotion, and the few extra rounds of sex did the job!

I concluded that once in a little while, it is worth going overboard. All it needs is a sort of “crisis management” and the right scheme to go with it. Eat more, move more. Enjoy the occasional splurge but take action towards it not being harmful, to both my weight loss efforts and mainly to my mood. I don’t need guilt. I had tons of it. It didn’t lead me anywhere nice. Plus I feel that when I have a “normal” person’s weekend, it sort of teaches me about maintaining. And for me, someone who has lost and re-gain 30 to 50 kilos 3 times in her life (and I am not counting the lose 5 to 10 regain 5 to 10) learning to maintain is precious.

That was my weekend. I was too busy at work to post before. And I had some time this morning so here I am all wordy, lol! I am still doing my 30 to 40 mins in the treadmill every day. I am thinking of re-joining WW for the summer. I feel I need some more discipline. I will think about it some more. Probably in-between my trips to the umbrella during this weekend. We will visit my parents at their summer house. And go to a wedding on Sunday. I will see you all tomorrow. Cheers for now

P.S. That was a looooooooong post!

Posted by Argy at 12:47 pm
Blogger Dazed said...

That sounds like a wondeful get away, especially the drinks/sex part! I'm leaving for vacation in 3 days, I cant wait! Thanks for the updates, maybe I'll try the suntan lotion trick while I'm at the beach too!!!

2:37 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful guilt free weekend. I'm very envious!!!

amanda @

2:50 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well that's what I call success!! Let's hope my trip to the beach is as successful as yours when we finally get there!

Lyn @

7:40 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fabulous beach sex with the one you love has got to be one of the best ways to burn off all the fabulous beach food & drink. :-)

p.s. I like your blog!


4:07 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - Lynda here: wow, I'm off for a lovely night away with my man this weekend - I hope it will work out as well as yours!! You sound such a wonderful, happy person - I just wish I could be more like you.

12:19 pm


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