Tuesday, August 02, 2005
I need more synonyms for "whine"!!!!
Since Sunday night I have been wanted to post. So many things in my mind that needed a way to untangle. Blogging really untangles my thoughts. But did I have a chance? Well no!

On Sunday I tried to post while Angelos and Elias prepared our dinner (they both insisted so I had some time to relax). Did they really let me a single minute without questions? Noooo. "Where is this? Where is that? How do we do this? Oh really? Why we do it like that then, couldn't we do it like this?" arrgghhh!!! Plus the directions and ingredients were specific from the start. While on the beach (yes, thank god at least I went swimming on Sunday) I told them I had taken chicken breasts from the freezer for dinner and I thought that we could have these with potatoes and mushrooms on the bbq plus a big tomato salad with lotsa fresh herbs. How does this sound to you? I asked. Yummy, the boys replied.

But come the cooking time, they were coming to my study all the time asking...why not cut the chicken breast in half and add some cheese in the middle...or...why do we have to cover the potatoes with aluminum foil to bbq them...or...hey, have you ever thought of cutting the tomatoes for the salad first and then rinse them all instead of rinsing them first and then cutting them? Arrrrggggghhhhhh.....

Since the minute I got in the office on Monday morning I had a blog post window open only to close it just before I left work. Same thing today.

Either someone is really testing the remains of my patience, energy, and endurance, or (more likely) I simply kid myself when I think I have any of them left at all!!!

So really, I had so many things to say. Actually I was grouping them on my mind on Sunday in order to make a coherent post with both updates on life/weight/weightloss/or lack of and thoughts/feelings/conclusions/ideas.
Now? Really, all I want is to scream! Whine. Winge. Complaint. Fuss. Snivel.Yoooooooooowwwwwwwl!!!!!

It seems like I am in a string with not so nice things happening. Most of them cost too. Like our car, on which we spent 700 euros for a full service two weeks ago. And which had a problem on its radiator and thermostat which costed us a fortune last Thursday.

Or the phone line. When I am talking on the phone, and any of my neighbours is calling as well, we can all have a nice chat together. All 4 of us. Cute innit? When I am in the internet, and my neighbour decides to give a call, he disconnects me. So we called the phone company. Who told us that this is a problem of the electrician who did the network on the building. So the electrician came. And insisted that this is not his problem. And to prove his point, he disconnected all lines from the building distributor and connected them directly to the network outside the building and we were all with wireless phones on the street speaking to our someone and each other too! Indeed. The electrician proved his point. But the phone-company? They "do not think" they can do anything about it, since to fix the problem they would need to dig deep and re-do the underground wiring. But hey...they are not cooperating with the condructor who did this job anymore!

Or I go to a shop and buy a couple of t-shirts, a pair of capri pants, a nice skirt paid for them, took the recipt, wait for them to give me the bag, go home and find a dress, a few lingerie items, and a hot jeans short, all in size 10. So then I go back to the shop, with my receipt, and tell them that the girl in the casshiers probably mixed the bags. But noone had returned my stuff, and they refused to either take the wrong ones back and gimme the items I chose and paid for or refund me! And when I asked them if they think it is possible for me to buy stuff in 3 sizes smaller do you know what the shop manager told me? "How could I possible know? You women are weird creatures"


If you are laughing now, you really should. If you are so polite that you think of poor me and have restrained your laughter, please let it out. At the end of the day, I laugh with all these too. However, before reaching this point of careless laughter I have smoked a pack of cigs and have consumed at least a couple of beers.

Right, I vented a little :)

We are leaving on Friday afternoon. And the weather forecast gives thunderstorms all day on Friday and Saturday. This is a 12 hr long ferry trip.

Between tomorrow and Friday, I plan to give you at least 3 big posts with all these things I mentioned above.

And I know I owe most of you a post card from last year. But in my wallet I had my little precious address book. So any address I had is lost. If you want to get a post card, or a letter, or a pack with a bit of sand and a few sea shells from Fournoi (tis the island we go to), then email me at argyr at otenet dot gr and I will really post them this time!

Cheers for now, I got to get all dressy here at work and then go to a play in the ancient theatre Herodion on the bottom of the Acropolis hill. We are working for this producer who called me half an hour ago to tell me he promised invitations to more people that he should, the show is sold out, and I should be there as soon as possible, cos I will have to handle the situation!

Breathe Argyro...breathe...soon you will be in that ferry (and hopefully it won't rain during the trip!!!)

Posted by Argy at 12:01 pm
Blogger BethK said...

One of my personal favorites is Yiddish: Kvetch. And reading about your past couple of days I would say you have every reason to kvetch with great feeling. I hope the play goes well!

6:54 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

I can't believe they didn't give you the right clothes! I think maybe you should have given them your mobile # for when the girl who got your bag walked in there asking for her size 10's.

11:39 pm

Blogger Cat said...

ok so i giggled a little but you know i love you! now if i had been shopping with you i would have grabbed that bag of 10s from you and hit that salesperson. then again im not a good influence. just focus on that fabulous holiday. heres a mantra for you to repeat over and over "relaxing holiday will start soon. it will be good. bad luck will stop when i finish this sentence"
all will be ok :) *kisses*

12:05 am

Blogger Balloon said...

I think "tsantila" is the word you're looking for ;) Argh! No wonder you're fuming with everything that's been going on. That holiday is going to save the day though, so stay calm, deep breaths, brain yoga and you're almost there. Fournoi, here she comes!

1:22 am

Blogger Tracy said...

Insane! I can't believe they did not take the clothes back! Once I bought a shirt than shrank to half in the washing machine. I returned the shirt to the store, where a salespersone refused to give my money back. I sent the shirt as a mail order to the manager together with my bank account number, and the next day I received a phone call from the manager and got the money back :)

11:35 am

Blogger M said...

I did have a little laugh. But more that you kept it together. I just can't believe the people you have to deal with at the moment. Don't they know that all you want to do is have a peaceful holiday in some nice new clothes and blog whenever you want to. Without the neighbour cutting you off.

And men! Same all over the world when it comes to cooking..

Hope you have a more successful day tomorrow and thank you so much for your lovely comments :)

1:33 pm


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