Friday, April 22, 2005
Therapy last night was really tough again. I am really resisting I am afraid. We are dealing with my state as a fetus and this is painful. But as I was leaving, he told me that we have the base rock to tear down now. And when we do, all other rocks, who have been leaning on this one, will just drop and break and disappear forever. I liked this image. I actually heard the sound of rocks breaking into thousand pieces in my head! And he told me that this marathon is all about -oops...I don't know the english word...errrr... pre-being-born could be an explanation - traumas. I am so scared yet so looking forward to it.

I am really very tired. I was actually discussing with Angelos the other day which would be more beneficial for me, take the marathon, or sleep all weekend. Yes, on Saturday the festival finally ends!!! It was really great, went so well, we did an amazing job too. We have a HUGE book with press clippings and interviews, VHS's with tv shows where the artists were the guests, CD's with radio comments and interviews, we should have charged them double...hehehe

I am so looking forward to Easter. Monday marks the start of the Orthodox Easter week. Each day has its ritual. Each day is a day for something. I feel like touring you all to through the Greek Easter day by day, do you feel like it? Although I consider Christmas my favourite holiday, Easter is really a big love of mine. It is quietly spiritual and openly traditional, and it makes me feel my Greek heritage more than any other festivity.

My weight is back to 88.5. I am really positive now that by Tuesday, as I said last Tuesday when I saw the friggin 91.5, I will be back to my sweet 87.5. And I am really back to eating perfectly. I try to walk to most of my appointments, at least the ones between 2 to 4 km distance from work. I still manage my 6 km a day, but not in the super fast pace I used to have. And not in the treadmill, besides that one workout last tuesday too. I have discovered that walking in the street just "keeps things in order", doesn't do the job the consistency of the treadmill does. And I am seriously considering weights now. (you have persuaded me dg ;). In Easter, we also exchange presents in Greece. Specific kind of things though (I won't tell you till its the right day ;) but I am seriously considering to ask my mom to buy me weights this year.

Angelos and I decided to look for a new appartment. So on top of all I am also house-hunting! I saw five yesterday, none was close to what the ad said. I really don't understand why people do this....

Anyway, I got to get to the shower now, and get ready for yet another 14 hr day.

Posted by Argy at 8:59 am
Blogger - u said...

you know (not about your post at all) i've been meaning to add you to my list of blogs i read for a while now... i discovered your site by accident, and looooved the fact that you talk to your food and scale!!! have you ever seen/read "like water for chocolate"? i wayyyy pictured you like the lady in it (who always gets me hungry)! now i have to thoroughly read your blog and make more pertinent comments! :oD

10:57 am

Anonymous dietgirl said...

ooh yes, we definitely want to hear all about easter :)

11:21 am

Blogger Kate said...

Your therapy sounds fascinating (if that doesn't sound too rude!). It sounds like hard work. Good on you for getting closer to the 87.5. Thanks heaps for your comments recently on my blog - I really appreciate them. :-)

12:02 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

ooo Argy! do tell us all about the Greek easter, a day by day breakdown :) i think what you are talking about is recession therapy,does it have to do with some kind of gentle hypnosis?
good luck in your househunt, exciting ;)

1:56 pm

Blogger Emma said...

Yeh, tell us eveything! (hehe, brilliant way to guarantee a daily Argy post, yippee :D).

YEY! for the end of the festival

YEY! for the low weights!

YEY! for househunting!

Ahhh, if I was more awake I would provide you with the word, although would 'foetal traumas' not work?

3:51 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

My thoughts are with you. I know therapy is hard, because I've been there, but the benefits are worth it. I'm sure you agree ;) I love the way you write and want to hear about Easter too, I get to vist Greece through your eyes.

1:26 am

Blogger lms said...

Oh wow, we are the same height & weight :o)

I have started reading through your archives and one of your early posts really hit home with me. Fitting comfortably to a size 18, sometimes a 16, enabled me to go shopping and have a blast, feel beautiful inside my clothes, and good about myself. But it did disoriented me from my initial purpose. To reach a healthy weight range.

Im am starting to feel good about myself at this weight, your post reminded me its really important I dont slacken off now. I keep trying on my smaller clothes these days, and that shows me how far I have to go. But I have to remember to not try on the really small stuff, or I just feel disheartened because they seem so far away.

Anyhow, I'll be working through reading your archives :o) Love your blog :o)

4:50 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I was finally able to access your pictures in Flickr and you are just as gorgeous on the outside as you are on the inside! Wow, what a stunner! So thanks for another little piece of you. The therapy sounds facinating and now house-hunting! You just don't stop do you! hehehe Good luck w/it all, you sexy thing you.

xxx Redlilocks

3:55 pm


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