Thursday, April 28, 2005
Good Thursday
It is eggs' day today. All households dye their eggs red today. There are two explanations for this. There was a woman who heard that Jesus was resurected, and did not believe it. She was holding a basket with eggs, and said, if a man can come back from death, then surely these eggs can turn red. And ta da! The eggs got red. But the sympolism of the red dyed eggs is really the blood Jesus spilled for humanity. Red eggs symbolise the ultimate sacrifice, and therefore must be done on the day Jesus was crusified.

Eggs used to be dyed only red. And in the old years (and also now, in the modern organic era, where we tend to go back to basic things) they used the outside dry leaves of red onions to paint them. It is a ritual really. First, we are talking about at least 3 dozens of eggs per household. Because the eggs, along with the cookies and the tsoureki's (you cannot imagine how my entire house smells with all these cookies and tsourekis!) fill the baskets. First we boil them hard, and then we dig them on the red paint, take them out one by one, let them dry, and then rub them with a cotton cloth soaked in olive oil, so they get all shiny. More colours were added as the years passed. Yellow, orange, and green, to add the effect of the landscape's awakening for spring. Yellow for the daisies, green for the grass.

Women take flowers and wreaths to church in the evening mass. And today and tomorrow we also take wreaths to the graves of our beloved deseased. After midnight, young girls and women go to the church, and decorate the epitaph all night. Older women murmuring hymns, young girls secretly giggling, an excitement for the priviledge of decorating the epitaph so vibrant in the air.


And today both Angelos and I started our holidays. And we are going to go soon and see the two appartments I have concluded as being the best to decide which one we are taking. I was really very excited yesterday, I was thinking about decorating and moving and it gave me such a strong feeling of a new start. One appartment has an extra pluss, and this is a very good gym 5 minutes away by foot. If we decide on this one, I will sell the treadmill, use the money to paint the house, and buy a yearly subscription to the gym.Both houses are reshly painted, but all walls are white. I cannot live in a white house. I need colour. Honestly, white walls make me think of mental institutions!

But I have woken up sad this morning. I have lived in this street since 1980. For 25 years I am taking the same route back home. My parents live two houses down the street. I like waking up in the morning in the summer, getting out on the balcony and hearing all these familiar "good morning's".

Of course, I woke up with cramps too, cos I just got my period. Which sort of explains the extra sadness.

Also a part of me is very insecure for leaving here and the proximity to my mother. I keep thinking ... what if something happens again. What if she needs me and I am away. I am really trying to take this step. Besides the few problems we have in this appartment, plus the lack of storage space, and the need for an extra bedroom and big balconies, all these consisting the practical issues for the move, the main reason I have decided to move was that I need to free myself from the fear of my mom needing me again due to sickness. I have to repeat to myself every day that she is fine now and will go on being fine and will live many years more.

Right, I will weigh in tomorrow, just before we leave for the summer house. And I will give you good Friday, the basics of good Saturday too. Easter Sunday was thoroughly described by this article. We will be back on Monday night, and I will take as many photos as I can for you. I will show you the preparation of mageiritsa, the meal we have on saturday after midnight mass, I will take pictures of all the people holding canndles in the church, I will give you as much more of greek easter as I can :)

Cheers for now!

Posted by Argy at 8:49 am
Blogger ms ralph said...

I somehow missed that you are moving. I can understand the sadness as I get it too and I think that my period should be coming soon. I hope you have a very happy Easter.

12:07 pm

Blogger Cat said...

wow, youve lived in 1 place for 25years i can never imagine having moved around SO much but honestly im a little jealous of it too :)
its hard leaving family when you are afraid of something happening and i can honestly say i REALLY understand what you are feeling but like you said she will be perfectly fine and you can go on to your new place and decorate it and it will all be fabulous and if anyone ever needs you you are only a quick call away :) keeping fingers crossed for a great weigh in. have a good day Argy!

2:42 pm

Blogger M said...

Argy. As I read I can smell the cookies, I can hear children laughing as they get ready for festivities, I see the eggs shining in baskets waiting to be given and eaten. I have so enjoyed reading about Easter and am very excited about the next few days. Have a wonderful holiday, relax, and you will come back with determination to move and the acceptance that your Mother will be fine and that if your Mother needs you, you will be there and it is not so far after all.

2:42 pm

Blogger Shannin said...

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9:37 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, very descriptive -- it makes me want to come and share the holiday!

I understand how you feel about leaving the house you've been in for 25 years. It's a big step, but like the e

9:39 pm

Blogger Shannin said...

Beautiful post, very descriptive -- it makes me want to come and share the holiday!

I understand how you feel about leaving the house you've been in for 25 years. It's a big step, but like the eggs at the top of your post -- spring is a time for new beginnings. It doesn't mean you're gone forever...

9:39 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, very descriptive -- it makes me want to come and share the holiday!

I understand how you feel about leaving the house you've been in for 25 years. It's a big step, but like the ecss">
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9:47 pm

Blogger Dazed said...

I want to come visit you in Greece! Your home and traditions (waving good mornings on a balcony!) sound truly tranquil and relaxing. I want to wave hello on a balcony! The best I do is sneak out the front door in the morning in my jammies and try to get our newspaper before any of the neighbors drive by and see my jammies. Good luck on deciding on the new place, Im sure you will make it 'homey"! =)

10:43 pm

Blogger kimba said...

Hello Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all your Easter traditions with us. At the end of my street we have a big Greek Orthodox Church so it's really interesting for me to hear what's happening and what it's all about. I saw women going to church last night and this morning with bunches of flowers and now I know why!

Enjoy your holiday and good luck with the move! Moving house is so great for shifting energy and making a 'new start' (hmmm maybe making babies too? heh), and the decorating part is so much fun! But you know, I like white walls, heh. Because then I can hang my big coloured canvases all over them and it's like my own private art gallery :)

1:23 am

Blogger Denise said...

Moving is such an adventure, but think of all of the wonderful new things you can experience somewhere different! Have a lovely Easter and take lots of photos.

3:27 am


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